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Milan Bahl

Entrepreneur – Motivational Speaker

Karan is the Tony Robbins of India! He is a Business Genius and all the Ideas, Strategies and Creativity he shares with all the projects is the best!

Prachi Chopade​

Managing Director – Apple Salon

Looking at the work profile of The Marketing Nerdz, looking at the clients that they have and their work pattern, I would really approach them for the service they render for my Business.

Bhavesh Sojitra

Director-Dharmanandan Techno Projects Pvt.Ltd

“How to get the revenue for what you spend is what we got to learn from Mr. Karan Dharamsi”

How Learning Content Writing Changed my Life?

As You must have read that I was almost Broke when I was working as a Trainer in the Gym.

I was barely able to pay my bills. My life was heading no-where. My parents were mad at me for just wasting my time and life.

My life was just one BIG Nightmare!

And then one fine day, I got Introduced to the World of Copywriting, thanks to an Ad I saw on Facebook.

The Ad said, "Hiring Copywriters - Pay $2500 to $4000 Per Month".

Although, I did not get that Job. But in just the next few months, I got my First Freelance Copywriting Client who paid me Rs 45,000 for writing a marketing copy for him. It took me just 3 days to write the marketing copy for him.

Imagine this... I was working for a Full 30 days in a 12-hour shift as a Trainer and making just Rs 6,000.

And here I was. Just 3 days of work and almost made 5 times my salary as a trainer. That was it. I quit my Job as a Trainer and became a Full-Time Copywriter and then eventually an Entrepreneur.

Today, thanks to my Copywriting Skills, My companies do (yes, I have 3 of them) several lacs in revenue each week. Now before you misunderstand me and think that I'm trying to Boast here... let me quickly get to the point I was trying to make by sharing my entire journey.

All I was trying to drive home was that:-

Hey, this is not a course where you learn from someone hired to teach you a certain syllabus but hasn't done anything practically himself/herself. Instead, in this Content Writing Certification Course, you will learn from someone who has made Sh*t-loads of Money himself and for his clients - by writing Copy.

You will be learning from someone who understands the Human Mind and Emotion... Someone who understands what makes us do what we do... What Influences Human Behavior...

And in the course, I'm going to Reveal it all to you. You will learn all my Content Writing and Copywriting Secrets... Everything that has helped me Generate Revenue as an Entrepreneur and a Copywriter.

This ONLINE Certification Course will give you the Foundation You Need to Launch Your Career as a Content Writer or a Freelance Copywriter.


Module 1

Discover The MAGIC Formula to Tap Into the Unconscious Mind With Written Words!

Learn Covert Hypnosis Language Patterns - Turn Average Content Into Gripping Content In JUST Few Minutes Using These Principles.

How to Apply Human Needs Psychology Principles In Writing Magical Content.

Module 2

Discover The 9 Powerful Emotional Manipulators That Make Your Content High Converting & Powerful!

✔ Learn why any content that focuses on psychology wins!
✔ Discover Shocking, Horrifying words that capture your target audience's attention and Literally Force them to Continue Reading...
✔ And learn how to use the "F" emotion along with 8 other emotions to Make Your Content High Converting & Powerful.

Module 3

Data Card - The HIDDEN Secret of Every Great Content Writer and How to Build One!

Timeline Theory: Mapping the Ideal Client/Customer Avatar – You Shouldn't Write A Single Word Without Doing This First.

Module 4

Learn The 9 Secrets To Creating Irresistible Offers - Offers Your Audience Wouldn't Be Able to Refuse!

❌ Find out WHY most companies and their marketing managers approach their marketing, and writing ALL WRONGLY
✔ Discover the simple hack to begin your offers that helps you leave other average writers behind you…
✔ Learn when each offer works best.
✔ Find out exactly how you should use offers to not just impress your client, your company, your marketing manager but to also take your writing to the next height…

Module 5

How to Use The “B” Process in Your Content to Make Your Audience LUST For Your Service/ Product.

✔ 6 Must-ask Questions to Know Your Target Audience Inside Out
✔ Know HOW our recommended "B Process" Techniques of "Feat, EEB, PSMB, Re-ex", and others can help you make Your Audience LUST For Your Service/ Product
✔ Learn the 5 Strategies to "Wording"... for the Highest Effect! The “B” Process

Module 6

Proof Secrets & Strategies!
Never FAIL Again!

The MAGIC of Using ‘Proof’ to Prove Your Promise.

Learn our Tried & Tested Secrets to Prove Your Promise such as
✔ "AGES": PROOF Secret #2
✔ "CLF": Proof Secret #3, and more... Warning! Most Novice Content Writers Never Do This... And End Up With Content That FAILS In Generating the Desired Outcome.

Module 7

Discover The HIDDEN SECRET Of Top Content Writers - One BIG Idea!

Learn How to Develop Story Based Content Themes to Make the Users CRAVE Your Products/Services.

Learn the Most Popular Article Writing Template - The Dip-To-Rise Story Template.

Module 8

Learn The “Skeleton Hack System" to Write Convincing Content In JUST A Few Minutes! Don't Share This With Anyone ;)

Discover The Formula to Develop Heroic Characters As A Content Writer.

Learn The 3 Step Formula to Write A Resonating Brand Story For Any Company/Individual.

Module 9

Discover - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly about Headline Writing.

Learn The 5 Headline Hacks - A SIMPLE Process to Inject Strong Emotions into Your Headlines.

Top Content Writers Secret: Discover The CUB Process to Edit And Fine-Tune Your Content. Don't Follow The CUB Process, And I PROMISE, Your Content Will FAIL! Creating Copy that Converts!

BONUS WEEK:​ Learning How To Apply These Strategies For Social Media, Email Writing, Video & Blog Content Writing, & Facebook Ads Writing.

MEGA BONUS: Apart From The 9 Weeks Of Training On How To Become A Good Content Writer, You Will Also Receive A 2 Week Online Training On How To Launch Your Career As A Freelance Writer And How To Find New Clients.

Discover the SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN PRINCIPLES & Powerful Secrets of Successful Writers! JOIN The Certification Today!

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