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Karan Dharamsi The Marketing Nerdz CASH On DELIVERY: My E-Commerce Experiment

07 Sep NO CASH On DELIVERY: Here are the RESULTS of My E-Commerce Experiment!

CASH On DELIVERY (COD) to me is a double edged sword. You can’t IGNORE it, and yet when you use COD, it ends up putting a BIG hole in your pocket.

Although, the number of customers increase thanks to Cash on Delivery Payment Option… here are a few things I noticed.

1) The Refund Requests is relatively higher from COD Customers compared to customers who pay online.

2) COD customers need more management, thus more employees and Customer Support Time.

3) This was an observation which was later verified with data – COD customers generally tend to be more RUDE with the Customer Support and in general compared to Customers that pay online. Of course, it’s subjective to an extent. I’m a COD customer myself. But I hope you can see the point here.

4) As an extension to the 3rd point, the Attrition Rate in the Phone Support is higher (Which is mostly Virtual in my company). Thus adding to the Stress Levels.

5) And lastly, the negative reviews or the Threat of Negative Reviews (most times customers aren’t home to accept the order) is higher from COD customers.

Given all these factors, I recently decided to get rid of the COD option.

Here is what actually happened:

1) My sales dropped by over 60%.

2) My CPA went HIGH.

3) The refund rate dramatically decreased.

4) My net profit went up drastically.

5) My Stress levels were almost down to ZERO.

6) I needed less staff and the team was happier in general.

So to conclude: If you run an E-Commerce Store in India, doing away with COD is something you should test.

Here’s a detailed video I created sharing the results of this E-Commerce experiment.

Warning: My suggestion is my personal opinion and not a prescription. If you are losing money with COD, if you are stressed all the time… Then it’s a worth while option to test getting rid of COD.

You may lose out on a lot of sales. But you would be happier and will actually take home more MONEY because your net profit will be higher.

Note: If you plan to have investors on-board, then please don’t test this option out. A BIG Revenue (Top Line) is what you need to show your investors… So the volume of sales is important and COD plays a BIG role in getting more sales.

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Deepika Padukone The Marketing Nerdz Karan Dharamsi

07 Sep Deepika Padukone Wins The Boldest Marketer Of The Year Award In My Books!

Today’s post can be a little controversial, and can be Misconstrued if you don’t read it objectively.

I’m not here judging Deepika Padukone or taking a moral High-Ground.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite. I’m here praising her and her PR and Marketing team for the Bold and Risky Marketing Move to Promote her new movie.

Now, I know some people reading this may feel I’m being Insensitive.
So before you read ahead, let me re-iterate.

My analysis here is purely objective. It’s just from a marketing Stand-Point.
Neither you nor I know what Deepika’s real intent was. And honestly, I don’t care about her Intent.

I have a political view on the whole incident, but in this post, I only plan to talk about the Marketing Side of things keeping the politics aside.

So are we cool looking at it objectively from a marketing perspective?

I’m assuming you said, YES!

Let’s continue the analysis.

You see, in Marketing, Timing is everything.

And Deepika Padukone is now officially my favorite marketer with her latest move.

Her JNU Visit AKA Solidarity support couldn’t have come at a better time – Her Movie Release.

Here is what it did for her:

✔️ Made her the center of conversation of every media debate including my post.

✔️ Enhanced her persona and image as a BOLD, Courageous, and STRONG woman – really aligned with her character and the real life person she is playing on screen.  

✔️ All in all, it’s a move that’s going to bump up the sales of her movie tickets. A lot of it now driven by this new Persona plus the induced Admiration and Super-Heroine indoctrination.

Yes, some would say, it was just a Marketing Gimmick…

A Publicity Stunt…

Maybe. Maybe not.

For the purpose of this article, I don’t care about the Politics of it.

Looking at it purely as a Marketer… I ADMIRE Deepika’s Courage.
It takes B**ls to do what she did with everything she has on stake and to lose.

Personally – I have to give Deepika full marks here for taking a Huge RISK and standing up against the Government. She surely made a lot of enemies with her move while winning some people over too.

So Kudos to her.

I have a detailed video on this. Watch below.

Karan Dharamsi
CEO – The Marketing Nerdz
Ph – 8422906036

P.S. The recent political events teach us about an Important Marketing Lesson. Especially, about how the BJP is losing the plot and will keep moving down if they continue with their existing marketing plan. More on that in the next post. 

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26 Apr Facebook Insights

By now, we all know that Facebook is one of the most effective digital marketing platforms for Businesses.

That’s because Facebook offers various features and tools that makes it not just the best platform to reach out to your potential target audience, but also to track and measure the growth and performance of your Business and Company.

If you are using Facebook page for your business, are you using it optimally?

You might ask “how do I know if I’m using my Facebook business page optimally?”

There are certain aspects to track in order to understand if you are using your Facebook business page optimally.

Whatever you are doing on your page, be it posting content, running ads, or generating more leads for your business, you should be constantly tracking their results in terms of ROI.

Is it actually taking you closer towards achieving your business goals?

One of the most important things before starting to analyze the data is to ask the following question, and be clear of your business goal.

Your Goal! Is your end goal to:

1) Generate more Leads for your business


2) Create more Brand Awareness


3) Generate more Sales for your business

If the answer is yes for any of the options, you should be tracking these KPIs to make sure you are using your Facebook business page to your advantage.

In this video, Karan Dharamsi, The Marketing Nerdz‘s CEO will walk you through our Facebook page insights:

Here’s how and where you can track and analyze your Facebook page activities:

If you have a Facebook business page, all you have to do is click on the tab called Insights. Here is a screenshot of the same:


There are a lot of KPIs that you can track and monitor through the Facebook Insights.

But again, to begin with, it is always advisable to focus on the most important factors. And on the side, keep a track of all the other factors as well.

For our business account and all our clients, we club the six factors shown in the image above as one KPI.

And one of the most important things to make sure is to have all the factors and numbers in GREEN!

Here’s what each of the six factors means, to help you understand the data better:

1) Actions on Page: how people are engaging on the page

2) Page Views: number of new views per week

3) Page Likes: how many people are liking your page per week

4) Reach: potential audience reached with your content per week

5) Post Engagement: how many people actually interact and engage with posts

6) Response/ Messages: average response time i.e how quickly you respond to messages on your Business page

Out of all, one of the most important thing to measure is your Post Engagement

Post Engagement

Post Engagement implies the number of people engaging and interacting with your posts. It also shows the percentage increase or decrease (you never want that to happen) per week!

This may not directly contribute to the ROI.

However, since a lot of people are engaging with your content, it is a clear indicator that your content is great and it also implies that a majority of your audience loves consuming your content.

And eventually, people who like your content would want to share it with their social circles which, in turn, is one of the best means of marketing i.e Word of Mouth Marketing!

Hence, needless to say, good content is the best means of word of mouth advertising!

And the second most important factor to track is the page likes!

Page Likes


Are you building your audience over a period of time?

If you are building your audience but are unable to see great results with your Post Engagements, it is a clear indication that your audience does not relate to your content or your marketing message.

Hence, having a great content marketing strategy is very, very important and can help you bump up your ROI considerably!

These two crucial factors can potentially generate great revenue for your business if used the right way.


And overall, Karan advises you to monitor and use all of the 6 factors mentioned above collectively and come up with great marketing strategies to keep the numbers going up, keep the GREENS constant!

If you have any kind of a business and if you own a business page, make sure you go to your page insights and look into these six factors!

Also, do not forget to track them down on a weekly basis to accelerate your business growth and expansion in the desired direction!

Wondering how and where to start with implementing these things for your Business? Drop a comment below with your queries and questions and someone from our team will be happy to help you with the same.

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