10 May 4 Steps To Turn Your Passion Into Profits In 2020

There was never a better time to turn your passion into profits. But before I talk about how you can turn your passion into profits, let me share with you story.
A story from my past.

Growing up, I saw many of my relatives and my dad’s friends working in these so-called BIG companies. They worked like machines.

They would wear their uniforms (read formals), leave for work at the same time, come back home at the same time.. and they would repeat this forever..

I Was always told, and I’m sure you were too – “Study hard, so that you get a good job in a BIG company like your relatives and your life will be settled”

Turn Your Passion Into Profits

But something did not seem right to me when people told me that.

I always wondered, why do all these people who I see work in these big corporates look so unhappy and bored?

If working in a big corporate is what a great life is all about, why are these people not excited and passionate about their lives? What’s missing?

No passion and no profit

I had no answers to my questions back then.. Although not convinced by study hard and get a good job philosophy.

I still followed this advice, studied hard and got into a pretty good Engineering college in Bangalore.

I was going to be a computer programmer. Dream come true, right? Not really!

I was not passionate about computers nor about engineering. Although I scored well in exams and even got placed in a big software company, I just hated the thought of seeing myself in the uniform and to work like a clock.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t judge people living a disciplined life. In fact, I do my best to live a disciplined life.

But the mere thought of spending my life behind a computer killed me from inside. I constantly asked myself during my graduation -Is this all my life is worth? Was I put on this planet to do this? Will I be happy doing this for the rest of my life?

In the middle of all this, I fell in love with Fitness and working out. My time in the gym was the only one hour in my day that I looked forward to.

The joy I felt while in the gym came close to nothing. Nada! 4 years flew in this dilemma.

I graduated and became a computer science engineer. The time to officially join the company that I was placed in and move to Gurgaon was real close.

I spent sleepless nights thinking about what should I be doing.. I had discovered that my passion was fitness.. But how would I communicate that to my parents, especially when they ask my how would I turn my passion into profits?

They would think I’m crazy.. Everyone would think I’m crazy. How much does a fitness trainer earn? Do people really respect trainers like engineers?

But after a lot of drama, back and forth.. Long story short..I finally got a go-ahead from my parents to follow my passion. This was the turning point of my life.

I decided not to join the big software company. That was not for me. I came to Mumbai to follow my passion.

It was time to Turn My Passion Into Profits And Live My Dreams! 

The #1 Mistake that most people who turn their passion into their careers do, just like I did, is they think all you need to be successful is be great at what you do.

Of course, you need to be amazing at what you do..

But, you also need to master the art of being able to communicate what you are passionate about to the world. To let people know that you have a solution to their problem.


I was really naive when I started. I was drawing a salary of Rs. 6,000 as a trainer in the gym. I really mastered everything about training.

But I knew nothing about communicating to attract new clients. I thought, if I’m good, the clients will come automatically. No one came.. Not in the first 4 months at least.

I was a broke engineer borrowing money every month from my parents almost on the verge of giving up my passion..

This is where most people who make their passion their career give up. Thankfully, I did not!

And then one day, I asked myself – Why am I not out there in the world.. telling people about myself. I believe in my training. I know I can change lives.

If people who want to lose weight don’t know about me.. It’s a disservice that I’m doing to them by not reaching out to them and getting them out of their misery.

So one thing was clear. No one is going to find out about me. I have to be out there.

ATTRACT CLIENTS And Turn Passion INto Profits

I need to master not just my craft, my passion but also the art of reaching out to more people. Being a broke trainer serves no one.

This was another turning point in my life.. Post that I spent hours and hours studying how to reach out to more people..

How to find more clients and how to make a great living following what I’m passionate about. After months of struggle and hard work..

I had finally mastered the art of turning my passion into profit and serving the world while doing so.

And In this article, I’m going to show you the 4 Steps you need to follow, if you wish to turn your passion into a career and make a great living doing so.

Using these exact same steps, I built successful companies around my other passions.
And all you need is just your Passion and an Internet Connection.

So, if you are Passionate about something + If you have Internet Connection – let me show you how you turn your passion into profits and make a great living.

If you follow these 4 steps, I have no doubt that you could turn your passion into profits too and make a great living doing so. So, let’s jump straight to the 4 Steps:


STEP 1 To Turn Your Passion Into Profits: IDENTIFY THEIR PAIN-POINTS! 

Passion Into Profits - Pain Points

Too many people who make their passion their career end up focussing on their needs. Here is what I mean.

When I started as a Fitness Trainer, my goal was to get everyone I trained to Squat and Dead lift. I wanted them to master these exercises.

Was it their goal? Not at all! Everyone who came trained with me just had one goal: They wanted to lose weight and look great.
You see, my clients and I were on a completely different tangent. So, soon they got bored of the workouts and discontinued training with me.

It took me a while to realize that I should be focussed on what pain my clients and potential clients are going through and help them overcome their problem and not force my agenda on their throat.

If Squatting and Deadlifting helps them solve their problem, by all means, I should include it in their training. But, I should not eat their brains talking about why they should be Squatting and Deadlifting.

My goal should be to solve their problems. And when I focussed on my client’s problems, I attracted great clients and almost all of them continue training with me till date.

So, start with making a list of all the potential problems your clients must be going through.

Here is an example of my fitness clients: –

  • Unhappy with not being able to wear some dresses
  • Unhappy about husband/wife not being that attracted to them anymore.
  • Fear of health diseases
  • Being conscious about weight in Social Gathering
  • Pain of constantly being judged by others
  • Fear that their children might become overweight too

Now, these are some of the examples that I came up.

If you don’t have clients you work with at the moment and are just starting out. Google about your passion. Read what people are talking about..

What the magazines are writing about. What’s popular. Check out social media pages related to your passion.

This will give you enough idea to make a list of pain points your potential clients must be going through.



Now that we have a list of potential problems your future clients must be going through.. It’s time to build your online presence focused around solving their problem.

If you notice, most website and social media pages look like a copy-cat version of each other.

Most people who are passionate about something end up creating an online presence which just boasts of how amazing they are I’m this and this..

I’m this certified and that certified.. I’ve worked with X number of clients.. All that is great. But seriously, who cares?

You think someone with weight issues would be interested in how great I am? Nope, right?

What they would be interested in is – Can I help them lose weight? Do I understand their problems?

So, now make a list of possible solutions that you can help your future clients with and build your online presence around the solution to their problem and not around how great you are.

Here is a not such a good one. You see, in this example, it’s all about how great I am.

Marketing Example

As you can see, in the example above: When a patient lands on the site. All he sees is how great I’m. I’m sure Dr. Lele’s intent wasn’t to boast but to help patients.

But as you can see this example and many other dental sites, they all have almost the same content.

Instead, here is what you should be doing: 

Marketing Example
As you can see, in this example. The online presence is created by talking about the solution of your clients problem.

The website talks about not missing school or work which is a BIG fear in the minds of people who plan to get braces done.

Plus, it is smartly backed by Guarantee. This is how you should be creating your online presence. Be it your website or Social media pages. Focus on the solution to your potential client’s problem.


STEP 3 To Turn Your Passion Into Profits: THE $5 SOLUTION PROMOTION

How to Turn Your Passion Into Profits


Now just pick one of the solution from the list you made above and turn it into an article or a video and post it on your Facebook page.
For example: From the list of solutions I wrote above, I will turn the solution of a low carb diet into an article.

I might write an article that says, How Low Carb Diet Can Help You Lose Weight Safely.

Or if you are comfortable doing a video, shoot one on your Smart Phone. Once I complete writing this article, I’ll post it on my Facebook page and promote this post for $5.

Here is how to target people:

I’ll select men and women interested in weight loss in India and Pakistan.

Plus, I’ll ask Facebook to target friends of people who like my page.

So by writing an article or creating a video and demonstrating the solution to a problem, you accomplist 2 things:

1) I get more likes on my page and more people know about my work.

2) I help people solve their weight loss problem in advance, so now they trust me.


STEP 4 To Turn Your Passion Into Profits: HIT THE IRON WHEN IT’S HOT!

Steps To Turn Passion Into Profits

Next, everyone who interacts with my post on Facebook – By interacts, I mean – Likes, Shares or Comments – I send them a PM which is something like this.

“Hi First Name,

Thank you for liking my post. I hope it was of help to you. If there is anything that I can help you with in living a healthier life, please feel free to get back to me.”

You see, what happens here is – It opens up a communication channel with a potential client and you don’t come across like a sleazy salesperson that everyone hates.

You just helped them; they like you and now you are offering to help them further. And if you strategically take the conversation ahead, they would sign up for one of your programs or buy one of your products.

If you want to know how to communicate with these leads… How to turn these leads into clients… Check out my 10 Lac Club Program. 

In the 10 Lac Club Program, I teach you everything you need to know to generate new qualified leads and turn them into your clients on demand.

Here is another great resource if you want to learn how to grow your business – Click here 

I hope you live your Passion and change the world doing what you love.

Oh, and here is an article on how to get clients as a Freelancer. You should read this one if you want to get new clients.

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