27 Jun Freelance Digital Marketing #1 Tool To Get Clients -Part 3

Welcome back to yet another episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”.

In this episode, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” reveals the 3rd step on how to use the #1 tool to get clients for your freelance career in Digital Marketing.

So, are you ready?

But before we dive deep into the details, here’s a quick recap to the first 2 steps:

  • Create you account on upwork.com and select your domain ( Click Here )
  • How to apply and Write your application using the secret spec strategy¬†( Click Here )

Once you have completed the first two steps, here’s the next and final step to get clients for your freelance digital marketing career using the #1 tool:

One of the really important and often asked question by freelancer is related to the payment structure.

How will i be paid for my work? What if i don’t get paid?

These are the basic questions a freelancer would have while starting on upwork.com or any other similar platform. This is because all the communication is done purely online.

Also, since upwork.com is a platform that helps to bring the two ends of demand and supply, they too charge a certain percent of the project fee. And the question is who would bare this cost?

Depending on your profile (a new one or with reviews and ratings) and the communication you have with your clients, either you or the client has to bare the 15% charge which needs to be paid to upwork.com.

When you work directly from the platform, there is a lot of fee loss due to the various commissions and transaction charges etc.

Hence, sometimes, the client may ask you to work directly outside the platform and agree upon paying directly through paypal to save on these extra charges.

But this is where most of the freelancers who are just starting our get scammed!

Speaking with great experience, Karan shares the important pointers to look into while finalising the deal.

Here is the client thumb rule he shares to make sure you are not scammed with your initial projects as a digital marketing freelancer:

freelancing digital marketing jobs

When you are working with your client outside the forum, take the payments upfront! Honest clients will pay you upfront.

Never work on a post paid basis outside the platform, specially with new clients.

When working through upwork.com here’s what you need to do:

Set milestones for your project and get paid for successfully completing that much percent of your project work.

In Upwork terms, the client has to escrow the funds for that milestone which is collected by upwork.com. And once you complete that milestone for the project, and client is satisfied, the client will mark the work complete and upwork.com will release your payment.

But what happens when you have done your work 100% as discussed but the client changes the terms and demands much more and does not mark your milestone, you can file a dispute.

In this scenario, upwork.com will come into the picture and analyse your communication, work and all the messages exchanged. Based on this, the payment is released or returned to the client based on what upwork.com finds legit.

Thus always have your communication through upwork.com. This is a very important tip to remember while working on upwork.com. For any such legal issues, upwork will only consider your communication that happens through the platform and not outside the platform.

So, if you follow these 3 simple steps, you too can use the #1 tool to get clients while starting you digital marketing career as a freelancer and skyrocket your career.


freelancing digital marketing jobs

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23 Jun Freelance Digital Marketing: #1 Tool To Get Clients – Part 2

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” shares the second and the most important step for using the #1 tool to get clients for your freelance digital marketing career.

And before we get into the details for this podcast, here is a quick recap on how to use the #1 tool to get more leads for your freelance career as a digital marketer:

  • Create and setup your account on upwork.com
  • Select your domains and get a list of all the projects
  • Write your application for the project
  • Setup your payment structure and methods

So, now that you have created your profile and implemented step 1, here’s how you can go ahead to grab your first project on upwork.com as a freelance digital marketer:

Create your Profile

Your profile is the first thing your potential client would look at. And in your profile, you want to speak more about what’s in it for your potential clients.
To make your profile stronger and to make it stand our from the others, these are the questions you need to address:

What will you do?
How do you do that?
How can people work with you?

And once you answer these question, add in some social proof. People visiting your profile would want to go through some of the testimonials, your previous work or past client experience videos.
Case studies like these will help you to build the trust amongst your potential audience.
Also, always have a face to your profile. This will help people relate to you and build up the trust factor while you are just starting your career.

Application Process

As mentioned in the previous podcast, creating a strong application is one of the most crucial factors to look into while using this #1 to get more clients as a freelance digital marketer.


What do you write in your application when you are just starting out?
For a matter of fact, at the beginning of your freelance career, you don’t have reviews or testimonials for people to trust you and give you the project.
So, how do you go about it?

We suggest you too follow the spec assignments.

It is to get in a client and work for a project at really low cost, knowing that the client has had a high lifetime value. Take up a project which has a high recurring pattern. With this spec assignment, you have to prove that you can deliver great results and win the trust by offering it at a really low cost.

Always create an application on these lines where the potential clients know that they are not going to lose anything and in the worst case, they will get the project done for almost free!

This is the fastest way to get in more clients using this #1 tool when you are just starting up your freelance career as a digital marketer.

Make sure you apply this strategy and communicate well through your application. This is one of the fastest, easiest and tested methods to grow your career and as a freelancer and get more clients.

And, If you need a template for this, you can reach out to one of our team members on: https://www.facebook.com/themarketingnerdz/

Also, subscribe today to watch the video tutorial on how to get your first client for your freelance digital marketing career: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSqVFdmu6SMHtCFe8Do4wEw

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22 Jun Freelance Digital Marketing, #1 Tool To Get Clients

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” speaks about Freelance Digital Marketing and the #1 tool to find your clients!

For many who want to start their career as a freelance Digital Marketer, have this one common question which is:
“where will we get our clients from?”

So, in this podcast, Karan Dharamsi shares the #1 tool or platform that he actually used during his initial days as well, to get in more clients and projects in the any and every domain of your choice.

There are various platforms available but following is the #1 tool to get your clients as a freelance digital marketer:

The platform is upwork.com. It is the one platforms which has projects from all around the world in every domain you can practically think of. Be it anything that you require, you name it and you can find it on upwork.com

And it is a simple 3 step process for you to get your clients through upwork.com

Step number 1 to get clients from this #1 tool as a freelance digital marketer is:

Creating your account. As basic as it sounds, once you set up your account details, you need to select the domain you would like to work in. For example in this case, it would be Digital Marketing.

Once you select your domain, you will be shown all the projects from around the world in that domain!

So, whats the 2nd step to get clients as a freelance digital marketer using this #1?

Well, the second and the most important step is to write your application. If you think of it, there are thousands of other freelancers on upwork.com aiming to grab the same project being show to you.
So, why should someone offer you the project and not the other freelancers?
It all boils down to how great and promising your application is. So, always remember to have a great application which will differentiate you from the other and get the project in your kitty!

And, here’s the final step to get clients as a freelance digital marketer using this #1 tool:

Once the application is selected, you need to work on the payment structure and methods. Majority of the people get stuck in the second and the most important step of crafting the right application.

And hence, apart from this podcast, we have 2 detailed podcasts in store for you, elaborating on how to write a great application and how to go ahead with the payment.

Apart from upwork.com, following are other similar and highly recommended platforms to find your clients:

1) guru.com

2) freelancer.com


Towards the end, Karan also shares his personal experience of how he started his freelance career and how he shifted from working for someone else to working for his own company with a first freelance project worth $1.

Yes, that was the first project he worked on after waiting for a week!

But, here’s what we all can learn out of his experience:

  • Never be afraid to invest

It’s not a waste, it’s an investment in your future. If you do not invest, you won’t move faster!

  • Don’t be afraid to fail

You will fail multiple times, call it a learning experience and keep moving forward.

So, always keep in mind these important learning, never be afraid to invest and don’t be afraid to fail. Embrace each situation as a learning experience and when you are starting out, accept each opportunity. You never know which $1 project will change your fortune for good!

Stay tuned for the second and third part of this 3 part podcast series on freelance digital marketing, the #1 tool to get clients.


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20 Jun 3 Business Lessons

Today, we have the Birthday Special Podcast to celebrate our CEO’s birthday.

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” speaks about the top 3 Business Lessons that will help you analyse your Business and give you a deeper understanding of what you need to do in order to scale your business 10x.

When you are running a business, there’s never a day that goes by without any challenges.Each time you face and overcome these challenges, you grow as a person and along grows your Business.

Speaking about his own personal experiences, Karan shares the 3 most important Business lessons he has learnt over the last one year.

Here is the first of the 3 business lessons:

Don’t be emotional, be rational.

As simple as it sounds, there are times when our emotions get the better of us. They rule most of our decisions and thoughts related to work.

But that is the #1 thing to consciously avoid when it comes to Business. Especially when it comes to building your team, your job is to make sure you do the right things and not to get people to like you!

Or even when it comes to re-construction or re-structuring your team, If you are trying to save one, you may end up risking the entire ship!

If you too are facing a situation where you can’t find the rational answer, chart down your rational and emotional decisions, judge the pros and cons. Give yourself a good 24 hours to go back to the list and then make the final decision. Since it will no longer be a decision made in the spur of the moment, it will be a rational and not emotional decision!

Here is the second of the 3 Business Lessons:

Be flexible in Business.

Giving his personal example, Karan shares how out of all the product launches made in the last one year, a couple of them did not really take off.

Sometimes, we try to solve a problem or sell a product which is not really what the customers want.


Innovation and experimenting something new is a great idea, but always analyse and check whats working for you and be ope and flexible to other options.

Some campaigns which you think are just basic and might not generate revenue, will work the best for you and will get you the major chunk of your revenue!

So be flexible, test different things keeping your personal judgements aside!

And the 3rd and the last of the 3 Business Lessons is:

You need to cut down on the wrong IMMEDIATELY!

It always takes just one wrong person to distort or ruin your entire team, work attitude of your team members and overall work culture. Do not let anyone spread negativity like wildfire.

Have the team which is aligned with your vision and mission.

These rules may sound harsh to some, but give it a thought…

Is it okay to risk all your dreams and visions by having someone or protecting someone who would end up pulling down your business or even worse, shut it down completely?

And here’s an additional lesson to ensure growth and expansion of your Business in your desired direction:

Have a look at yourself, introspect yourself too!

You are the leader and people will follow and mirror your belief and goals. Are you positive about your goals?
Are you leading them in the right direction?

Be the leader that will help you achieve your goals and if not, find a leader who can lead your team in your direction!

And remember, avoid all kinds of negative thoughts, people or energy. This itself will help you grow your Business 10x along with these 3 business lessons.

So to conclude, here are the 3 business lessons you always need to keep in mind and implement:

  • Don’t be emotional, be rational
  • Be flexible in Business
  • Cut down on the wrong immediately

Hope you too find and grow your team which is aligned to your vision and together they help you grow your Business 10x.We wish you all a very prosperous professional year ahead.

And if you want to know about the other Business Lessons from his personal experience, subscribe today to our YouTube channel: The Marketing Nerdz.

how to grow your business using social media

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