02 Jun #1 Tool To Grow Twitter Following

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast“, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” talks about the #1 tool to grow your followers on Twitter.

If you or your Business is not on Twitter yet, you might want to create your handle right away and not miss out on this great platform to connect to your audience.

So, I am sure you too are curious to know how to grow your followers on your twitter account using this simple tool!

According to Karan, the best tool to scale and grow your followers on Twitter is Crowdfire.

It is an amazing application which helps you to ease out the entire process and at this point, it is one of the best applications to manage your followers on Twitter.

But yes, along with the application Karan also shares the simple 2 step process to use it optimally to your advantage and get in the right followers for your account!


So, here is the first step to follow in order to grow your Twitter following using this #1 tool:

The first thing to do after installing the app is to make a list of all the twitter handles of your competitors. Your competitors will have your potential audience, all of them gathered at one place. People who follow your competitors have interest in consuming similar products or services and hence are your target audience for sure.


Once you have the list ready, here is the next step to follow, to get more followers in Twitter using the #1 tool:

Take the list created with all the competitors and share their Twitter handles on Crowdfire. Here’s the amazing part about using this application, as soon as you put up the list of the handles, it will give you a list of everyone who follows them.

So there you have, the complete list of your highly targeted, potential leads.
And, when you hit that plus sign next to their names, you will automatically start following them.

Although it is a manual process and it consumes a fair amount of time, the results are accurate and really close to what you would need! Especially when it comes to increasing your following on Twitter, what better way to ethically drive your target audience from your competitors page to your page!

And yes, here is am important step to ensure your achieve maximum benefits:

Make sure your profile is clean and clear, stating what you have got to offer your audience and why should they follow you. Have your lead magnets and a great call to action in place to have better conversions.

After all, all of the social media platforms are cluttered with so many accounts and so much information that you need to stand out and make your mark at every possible step.


So, here’s a quick recap of the entire process on how to use the #1 tool to get more followers on Twitter:

  • Make a list of all your Competitors on Twitter
  • Share the handles of your Competitors on Crowdfire
  • Make sure to keep your profile updated with lead magnets and a great call to action

Wondering how and where to start? Leave a comment below with your concern and we will be glad to get in touch with you for the same.

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27 May What Can We Learn From Elon Musk About Entrepreneurship And Digital Marketing

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” talks about what can we learn from “Elon Musk” about Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing.

This Podcast is all about Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Digital Marketing, and that one important thing to consider to grow your businesses, accelerate your marketing campaigns and march towards success!

In this Podcast, Karan shares his personal experience after watching on of Elon Musk’s interview with TED.

On his interview, Elon shared a lot of things including his vision and goals for his life and work.Not just that, he also spoke about how he found a problem in the society and has already started working towards solving the same!

He has always been someone who not only has a great vision but also puts in the required dedication and hard work to implement and achieve the same.
Be is Tesla, sending people to Mars or building tunnels in NewYork city.

Elon is a man with great vision accompanied with the desire and hard work to implement the same. Be it for his personal life or for his company, when it comes to Elon, there is absolutely no one who can compete with him.

This is only because apart from setting up goals and having great visions, he has a definition to his vision.

Here is what can we learn from Elon Musk about Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing:

For any Business to run successfully, we need a great vision!

But a vision which is not defined is ultimately of no use. Having a clear vision is extremely important and what’s more important is to keep your self away from the small, unclear goals.

Everyone of us come across those times when we are tied back with petty issues and thoughts of how to pay the bills for the coming month, how to pay the rents etc. And if you stick around to setting up your visions around these things, they will be very restrictive.

Your vision will be limited to your immediate needs and you will never explore your ultimate vision, which eventually will lead you to fulfilment and a happier life!

elon musk

Here’s another thing we can learn from Elon Musk about Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing:

Anyone can have visions for their professional and personal life. But what sets the successful one’s apart is a vision which is not Vague.

A lot of us have the vision “to be successful” or “to be the best”

These are the best examples of unclear, vague visions. Define your vision, set numbers, definite numbers!

And once you have your great, definite vision in place, it is equally important to implement it!
Your goals and vision itself should be exciting enough to make you want to jump out of bed each morning and start working, something that you are passionate about.

When you have your passion, hard work and vision aligned together, you will create Magic!

And here’s what one can learn from Elon Musk when it comes to Digital Marketing:

To be a successful Digital Marketer, you need to be clear about your vision as a Digital Marketer. It is extremely important to be aware of where you are going and if you are clear about your future in the industry.

Not just that, it helps you to stay updated with the evolving times, for if you have no definite vision, you will not see the need to learn new things or you may not be aware of things that would actually help you since you are yourself not sure about your goals and vision.

Karan explains the point further, sharing the examples for his own students and participants who pursue Digital Marketing courses under him.

Apart from setting the goal, you need to ask yourself these very important questions:

  • What are you going to achieve or solve with your vision?
  • How are you going to implement it?
  • When are you going to work on it?

Once you have these things in place, you will have a concrete vision which will make sure that your life becomes more exciting, and you wake you every morning with a lot of happiness, content and passion!

So, go ahead and have a bold, definite vision and do not forget to implement your vision!

elon musk

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26 May How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Local Business

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” shares his four step formula on “how to use Instagram to get more customers for your local business”.

If you too have a local business like that of a Salon, Dentist, Gym, Ice cream Parlours etc, most likely, people who stay in your area are the one’s who would visit you frequently and be your customers.

And Instagram as a Digital Marketing Platform has a great potential to reach out to your target audience, and scale your local business by getting in more customers.

So, wondering how to find your ideal target audience on Instagram and get them to follow your account and get them to your store?

Here’s the four step formula by Karan on how to use Instagram to get more customers for your local business:

The first and the most important step to use Instagram to get more customers for your local business is to find the right Hashtags:

To begin with, think of all the hashtags your potential customers would be using. Taking into consideration their buying behaviours, their spending patterns etc, you need to work on a list of hashtags that they would be using the most.

Giving an example of a local gym, Karan speaks about the ways to find your target audience if they were in the age bracket of 18-25.

Study which hashtags are they most probable to use and make a list of the potential hashtags.

Colleges, Cafes, Actors, Movies, other Gyms, Dance Studios, Fitness Supplement Companies etc are a few things to consider while finding the right hashtags your audience would use.

Once you have the list of the right hashtags, the next step is to search for potential customers who actually use those hashtags in Instagram.


Here’s the second step to follow on Instagram to get more customers for your local business:

Take the list of the hashtags you have finalised and put in each hashtag in Instagram’s search bar. Go through all the posts for that particular hashtag and look for your potential customer.
Browse through the profiles in detail and if you find a person who fits your target audience, here’s what you need to do next:

Apply the 4:1:1 formula

This formula is nothing but liking 4 to 5 pictures of that profile, commenting on one of the pictures with something genuine and following their account. But remember, do not spam the profile with trashy comments like “great job” or “that’s awesome”.

Find an area where you can build some authentic connection and engage with your potential audience. It will generate curiosity and entice the person to check out your profile, reach out to you and eventually follow you back.
With 4 likes, a follow and 1 comment, you usually have the person follow you back.

Once you have the person following you back, here is the next step on how to use Instagram to get more customers for your local business:

It is very important to use the bio and description part of your Instagram profile carefully!

Have a link in the bio which is typically a lead magnet, which will entice the person who visits your profile to click on it or sign up.

For example: 30 day free training or some diet consultation, tips to get abs in 30 days etc.
Offer them something interesting, irresistible and something that they benefit from so that they sign up for your lead magnet and have a sense of connection with you or your Brand.

And, here is the last step on how to use Instagram to get more customers for your local business:

Once you have the leads sign up for your offer, put them into your nurturing email sequence and eventually nurture them into a client with your awesome service.

For a more personalised process, make sure to send a DM, thanking the person once they follow you or sign up for your lead magnet. Once you have connected with all the potential leads for one particular hashtag, repeat the same process for the remaining hashtags.

So, here’s a quick recap of the four steps:

  • Make a list of the hashtags your potential audience would use
  • Search for the profiles on Instagram
  • Use the 4:1:1 formula and offer them a lead magnet
  • Put them in your automated nurturing sequence

This process might be a little more time consuming but the results are amazing as it is one of the platforms which ensure direct connectivity with your potential audience!

If you are not using Instagram for your business yet, you are missing out on a lot!

So, get started and find your ideal customer on Instagram using this four step formula.

And here’s a huge announcement that is revealed towards the end:

For all our listeners and viewers, Karan Dharamsi has launched a new YouTube channel for his Daily Vlog series.

The Vlog series is called: “The World, The Way I See It”

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YouTube Channel: Karan Dharamsi

Till then, use the Instagram four step formula to get more customers for your local business and let us know how it worked for you 🙂 And if you need any help on how to start implementing the formula, feel free to reach out to us and we would be glad to help you with the details.


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19 May Digital Marketing Skills -3 Things To Master

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast“, CEO “Karan Dharamsi” speaks about 3 Digital Marketing Skills to master to have a successful career as a Digital Marketer.

There are a lot of successful Digital Marketing professionals out there and if you too wish to make a mark for yourself in this industry, here is the honest picture of where things are heading to and the most important skills to have.


So, the first and the most important Digital Marketing Skill to master is to have a great understanding of numbers:

From running your ad campaigns to tracking all your conversion, numbers play a huge role when it comes to Digital Marketing.

For a person who understands numbers, it will be extremely easy to track and analyse the ROI for any campaign or activity undertaken.

After all, for any company or business, the main objective of any marketing campaign is to increase the bottom line profits.

Hence, even if someone hates numbers but knows how to read and study a balance sheet, he would definitely do a great job as a Digital Marketer.

He would have a much better and clear understanding of what needs to be achieved out of each marketing activity and how to increase the ROI.

So, do not stagnate your career growth and understand the numbers for your business before anything else!


The second most important Digital Marketing Skill to master is to understand human behaviour:

It may seem to many that how can understanding human behaviour and psychology apply to online and digital marketing?

But here’s the reality…

Only a few people talk about this when it comes to Digital marketing. And in fact 80% of conversion depends on how well you understand and influence your customers who are human beings after all!

Robert Cialdini“, “Seth Godin“, “Milton Erickson” are few of Karan’s favorite authors when it comes to reading more on human psychology.

Eventually, what great Digital Marketers do is replicate the real world offline behaviour in their marketing campaigns and messages on online platforms.

Speaking from personal experience, Karan also mentions how he has been using several psychological factors while creating his highly successful marketing campaigns online!

And the last but the most tricky Digital Marketing Skill to master for a successful career in the industry is to understand and stay updated with technological changes:

You may be learning the current trends and current technology being used in the market, but it may all change tomorrow!

Just like how social media has evolved from almost nothing to such a huge platform over the last decade, the future will see a lot many technological changes.

From Robots to Virtual Reality to Complete Automation, the future is going to change dramatically!

Sharing his personal experience from his engineering days, Karan explains how it is important to stay aligned to the changing technology. What you may be learning today, may not be relevant at all tomorrow!


So to conclude it all, here are the top 3 Digital Marketing Skills you should absolutely master, if you want to become a great digital marketer:

  • First Digital Marketing Skill is to understand your Numbers
  • Second Digital Marketing Skill is to understand Human Behaviour
  • Third Digital Marketing Skill is to understand Technology

So go ahead and master these highly important digital marketing skills to build a great career as a Digital Marketing Professional. For more information on Digital Marketing and various trends and updates in the industry, feel free to contact us and we would be glad to help you with the same.

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