02 May Monday Motivation For Entrepreneurs

In this Podcast of The Marketing Nerdz, CEO Karan Dharamsi speaks about his Entrepreneurial journey and addresses a lot of other facts that majority of entrepreneurs fear to speak about or share.

He shares how there are times when you might feel things are stuck and nothing is moving ahead, especially if you are an Entrepreneur.


And to give you a better insight, he shares a real life example of his own personal story and recollects some memories about his former days when he wanted to start his own Business.

Through his journey, he speaks about the challenges faced but makes sure to let us know that there is always a way out…

His motivating words will make it easier for you to continue the march towards achieving your goals and learn from experiences rather than giving up on your dreams!



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01 May Digital Marketing Salary in India

In this episode of The Marketing Nerdz Podcast, Karan Dharamsi, CEO of The Marketing Nerdz answers one of the most important and frequently asked questions.

So without further ado, here is the question that our CEO, Karan Dharamsi is going to answer for one and all in today’s Podcast:

“How much can I draw in salary as a Digital Marketer if I am just starting out in the Industry?”

Well, yes! A lot of students and professionals who want to start a career in this industry have this question on the top of their list.

Everyone expects and desires to get a job that pays them 1 lakh a month, but let’s get real!


Are you really expecting to get a package of 1 lac per month?


Everybody wants to know the REAL and HONEST answer to this question, wanting to know what potential the industry has to cater a complete fresher!

!!But here’s a fair WARNING before you move ahead!!

Some of you may not be happy with what Karan is going to share next…

Karan is going to reveal the Brutal and Honest truth that has been masked under various articles and posts that guarantee you a high paying job with a annual income of 7-8 lakh rupees.

He also shares an example of how people raise the expectation in their minds after reading our seeing ad copies that show BIG NUMBERS and offer BIG PROMISES.

But that is Bullshit!

Here is what the reality is, Karan’s answer the the question:

The Starters Salary for most Digital Marketers is anywhere in the bracket of 15000 to 30000 per month and that too if you have really good practical knowledge of the subject, great communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills!

YES! the beans have been spilled and those are the actual numbers that can be expected. It’s really different from what you have been reading or seeing in a lot of ad copies, but Karan backs it up with a very valid example where he says:

“You will be starting out as a fresher with some good 3 to 6 months of training in the field of Digital Marketing, but that is not enough!”

So here are a few factors out of the many, that determine your salary as a fresher:

  • Practical knowledge location.
  • Interest in the subject
  • Interview proces
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills


To explain it better, here’s a little personal experience shared by Karan:

Karan did his Engineering for 4 years, 4 LONG and INTENSE years spent in getting the Engineering Degree.

And later, when he got placed with some really good IT companies, as a fresher the pay package was only 18000 per month.A lot of his friends got placed with a starters pack of just 1.94 to 3 lakhs per annum. All this for having studied Engineer for 4 long and intense years!

This emphasis on the duration and intensity of the course is used by Karan to give a clear comparative picture of how a 4 years Engineering Degree and a 3 or 6 Months Digital Marketing Course has almost the same starters pack, which is a Great news for all Digital Marketers!

And more than that, it is a reality check that expecting a pay package of 7 lakhs with just a few months or years of knowledge is INSANE!

Karan stresses a lot on the importance of Practical knowledge and learning which plays a major role in getting the right, high paying job!

Because that is what a company looks at while hiring candidates:

What is the Potential ROI of the work that is put in? And the reality for a fresher is that the company does not expect any kind of ROI during your training and initial stage. That’s the time they keep you on a low salary package and provide you with all the necessary training and practical learning process.

So as a fresher, that’s the honest truth, the salary ranges form 15000 to 30000.

You can definitely expect a gradual growth, with your expertise on the subject and persistence.

So to conclude, here’s the comparative study once again for you:

As a Digital Marketer, you will be potentially starting off at the same point as a Engineering Graduate or an MBA graduate in the industry. And to be honest, if a Digital Marketer starts at an equivalent package to that of an Engineer in just 3 months, it is really, really AWESOME!

Once you hit the right cords, there is no stopping! 

And to know more about growing and gradually expanding you career as a Digital Marketing Professional, stay tuned as Karan Dharamsi, will be sharing the details about the same on our upcoming podcasts!



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27 Apr Secret #3 of the 3 Secrets to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, I share with you the 3rd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing.

Warning! Contradictory!

Before revealing the secret, I spill the beans on a warning! The warning is about the possibility of this secret seeming to sound contradictory to yesterday’s secret. However, instead of being contradictory, today’s secret is complementary to the secret I shared yesterday.

So if you are all set to soak up all the points in today’s episode, let’s dive into the 3rd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing.


RR: The 3rd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

Before revealing the 3rd secret I make a fun point about acronyms. Make sure you hit the ‘play’ button to know my take on acronyms.

Now over to the RR secret. In this context, RR implies Rational Reasons.

Upon hearing that if you feel this secret is contradicting the one I shared yesterday, hang in there. All the secrets in this 3 part series are proven  that have worked for decades in the offline marketing. And all the 3 secrets work their magic in digital marketing too – for us and our clients!

In your online marketing campaigns, you must first appeal to the emotional reasons. And as soon as your potential client/customer is emotionally sold, she/he must justify their “emotional / irrational” decision with “rational reasons”.

 After making the purchase, people need all the rational reasons to justify not just to themselves but to their family and friends about the expense.

So addressing and incorporating rational reasons in your copy helps you ensure that your online marketing campaigns do not fail but instead get you more sales.

Next, I go on to share why “Buyer’s Remorse” sets in and what to do avoid it. This explanation in itself is so valuable that you would want to go back and play it a few more times.

Thereafter, I explain the secret of Rational Reasons with an example of a car commercials and an interesting anecdote of a car ad on YouTube that I was bombarded with.

The car advertisements typically follow this pattern:


  • First, you’ll see a remarkable visual of a stylish, elegant, dazzling car. This would typically be shot in such a scenic location that you can’t take your eyes off the car and the location.
  • You’ll typically see a hot and happening 5 star location which is intended to make your potential customer want to upgrade the way people perceive him/her.
  • Along with this, you’ll see a series of interior shots, luxurious & comfortable seats, LED Car Lounge Lights followed by the shot of the car driving on hilly terrain with a breathtaking view.

All of this is designed to appeal to the buyers’ emotional reasons.

But there’s more. Car advertisements go on to give you several other details such as the speed, luxurious interiors, bold bonnet, muscular front bumper, L-shaped fog lamps; plenty of chrome; illuminated scuff plates on the door sill and the like. These features are the rational reasons.

All the features & rational reasons have very little to do with your potential buyer’s buying decision. But the rational reasons are aimed to make your potential buyer feel good about the decision she/he has already made.

Here are some examples of Rational Reasons that Car Ads Use to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing:


  • The hill descent feature can help ensure my safety and the safety of my loved ones when we travel on the tricky hills of Lonavala or Kausani in Himachal.
  • The XYZ braking system will ensure that we are safe at all times.
  • The automatic/ emergency brake will be a God sent gift in times of crises – even though i’m slightly over paying for it. that’s cool.
  • Also the Blue & Red LED Car Lounge Lights in the interiors will make me look so cool and happening in front of my XYZ friends.

Notice how rational reasons are tying in to the emotional reasons.

Also in the last stage of conversation that’s taking place inside the buyer’s head, the rational reasons are very important in “justifying” the purchase. Although it may not sell the car, because remember the prospect makes the decision to buy for emotional reasons – all the stuff that I shared with you yesterday.

But Rational Reasons help in justifying the sale.

The buyer can tell herself and her family that “she made the right decision”.

So, this brings me to the end of the 3rd secret in this series.

A Recap of the 3 Secrets to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

Now, let’s quickly recap what you’ve learned in this & the last 2 episodes of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”.

1. People Don’t Like to be Sold

Your prospects want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold. Buying implies control. Your prospects want to keep the control in their hands. Being sold is the opposite. They don’t want to feel like they are being controlled.

To know this secret in detail, click here to listen to the 1st secret I shared the day before.

2. ER: The 2nd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

ER implies “Emotional Reasons”. Your prospective clients/customers buy for Emotional Reasons.

If you want to know this secret in detail, click here

3. RR: The 3rd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

RR implies “Rational Reasons”.

After making the purchase, people need rational reasons to justify their emotional decision of buying.

Wondering how to use these time tested, proven secrets in your digital marketing campaigns?

Are you torn between using rational reason A or B for your social media campaign? Would rational reason A work better in your online marketing campaign or rational reason B? And why?

If you need help in implementing these time tested, proven secrets, get in touch with us! We’d love to help you implement these Secrets to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing.


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26 Apr Secret #2 of the 3 Secrets to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, Sandhya Valecha, the CoFounder of “The Marketing Nerdz” shares with you the 2nd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing.
Sandhya calls it the ER secret.

Just like the secret she shared yesterday, the ER secret too is relevant to any Digital Marketing platform you use – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn. And if you understand the ER secret well + use it the right way, it can definitely help you in creating and executing digital marketing campaigns that get you more sales.

Curious to know what the ER secret is?
Alright, so let’s reveal it right away.


ER: The 2nd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

In this context, ER stands for “Emotional Reasons”.
Your prospective clients/customers buy for Emotional Reasons not Rational Reasons!

Most digital marketers and copywriters make the mistake of appealing to the rational reasons! Worse yet, most of them do not even know this secret. And these digital marketers and copywriters unfortunately lose the sale. Why? Because they fall in love with their product/ service so much that their entire focus is on the huge list of features. But they miss focusing on the emotional reason.

To write effective copy for your digital marketing campaigns that gets you more sales, you MUST appeal to your target audience’s Feelings, Emotions, Wants, Needs, and Desires.

To explain the ER Secret further, here’s an interesting example Sandhya shares in this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”…

The “ER” Secret & The Billion Dollar Pizza Example

“If people acted rationally, could you sell them cheesy pizzas? There’s no rationality to buy a pizza. It’s unhealthy. It makes you fat. It clogs your arteries. So why is pizza a billion-dollar industry? Because it makes you feel good!”, says Sandhya.

Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing: Make Your Prospective Buyers “Feel Good“!

To write effective copy for your digital marketing campaigns to get you more sales, you MUST appeal to your prospective buyer’s feelings, emotions and desires. Make them feel good!

Whether you’re writing ad copy, articles, blog posts, tweets, website content, Facebook posts, video sales letter, or any other – the ER secret works wonders in ensuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns – if applied the right way.

If you’re wondering “what emotions should I use?”, we have you covered!

Emotions You can Use in Your Copy to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing

  • Fear
  • Greed
  • Pride
  • Envy
  • Laziness


Powerful Positive Emotions

If you’d like to know those two Powerful Positive Emotions Sandhya prefers to use in her Copy, make sure you listen to this entire episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”.

These two positive emotions have been helping her Get More Sales. And she shares them in this episode. So go ahead and hit that play button now if you haven’t already.

And if you have heard the entire podcast, bravo! Now go ahead and incorporate the ER Secret in your Digital Marketing campaigns and and get set to get more sales. Remember, people buy for emotional reasons, not rational reasons.

If you want to know the third Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing, make sure you tune-in tomorrow. In tomorrow’s episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, Sandhya will share the 3rd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing.
Stay tuned.

Wondering which emotion could be the right one for your target audience? Would greed work better in your digital marketing campaign or fear? And why?

Wondering which emotion would be the best for a specific social media platform for your prospective buyers?

If you’re unsure about these questions or need help in implementing the 2nd Secret to Get More Sales with Digital Marketing, get in touch with us! We’d love to help you get more sales with your digital marketing efforts.


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