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    Meet The Faculty – Karan Dharamsi, CEO – The Marketing Nerdz


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    About Karan Dharamsi

    Karan Dharamsi is the CEO of The Marketing Nerdz.

    He is a Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Certified Master Strategic Intervention, Human Behaviour & Psychology Coach.

    He is also a Digital Marketer Certified Funnel and Online Advertising Expert.
    Karan is a Certified Copywriter by American Writers’ Association Inc. And is a member of Circle of Success, a mastermind group of the best AWAI’s Copywriter.
    Karan loves Entrepreneurs and he founded The Marketing Nerdz to help other entrepreneurs grow their business with the Latest Digital Marketing Strategies in the world. 

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    PR Person for VVIPs Says "I Recommend This Course to Everyone"...

    Gazala Sayed does PR for the "VVIPs" and wears many hats with elan. She handles Content and Copy for the "Federation of Gujarat Industries" and does PR for the "VVIPs" there. Watch the video and find out why she said, "I Recommend This Course to Everyone And Anyone".

    Posted by The Marketing Nerdz on Thursday, August 4, 2016


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