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Our Reality Distribution Marketing has been responsible in Generating Over 80,000 Leads and Million Dollars in Revenue in just the last 5 months!


The Marketing Nerdz’s Reality Distribution Marketing formula is the Only way to generate maximum ROI over a period of time…

That’s because RDM is based on a strong foundation of Real World Data combined with Human Behavioral science!
Rather than tactics or surface level marketing gimmicks!


We are the Only 1 to Guarantee and Deliver Results to our clients using our Proven Reality Distribution Marketing Formula.

What People Are Saying

Dhawal Mehta


“Someone who is an Entrepreneur or is starting his own Business should definitely hire the services from The Marketing Nerdz”

Priyanka Bhutani

Owner of Dekh Bhai Dekh Agency, Gujarat

“I am going to offer a lot of things to my Clients and they are going to thank me”

Neha Joshi

Owner of Content Writing Company

“I can add a lot of value to my Clients and Customers”

Prateek Sharma

eCommerce Business Owner

“Digital Marketing is a key component for any Business. The Marketing Nerdz helps you in different ways, guiding you and helping you to be successful in whatever you do”

Rajiv Shah

Brand Consultant

“It will definitely work out for me and my Business”

Here are our options for working together…

Double Your Profits – Business!

360 Degree Digital Marketing Service (Includes Everything)


Min Rs. 25 Crore or More Revenue / Year

Min Rs. 1 Lakh in Ad Budget Per Month

12 Months Commitment


Agency Fee - Rs 1 Lakh / Month (Excluding Taxes)


Grow Your Business – Startup / Professional

Digital Marketing Service for Startups Or Professionals


Min Rs. 25,000 in Ad Budget Per Month

12 Months Commitment


Agency Fee - Rs 50,000 / Month (Excluding Taxes)

The K-World Access

An Exclusive Community of World Class Business Owners & Professionals With a Bi-Weekly (Ask Karan Dharamsi Anything) Group Coaching Call!

(**This is the ONLY Direct Access anyone gets to Karan Dharamsi now apart from his Private and TMN Clients)


Already running a Business


Rs 1,00,000 / Month (No Commitment)


3 Day Digital Marketing Business Consulting Retreat

An Exclusive 3 Day Retreat with our entire team of Digital Marketing Experts where we work with you One on One in creating an Exclusive Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business


Min Rs.50 crores or More Revenue / Year


Investment: Rs 9 Lakhs for 3 Days

Some of Our Clients