3 Months Digital Marketing Course



Online and Offline Marketing Principles

Understanding basic Marketing Principles
What is Digital Marketing
Market place Research and Analysis
Selecting the right market for your business


Consumer Behaviour

Understanding your consumers
Creating Ideal Customer Avatar
Consumer Research and Analysis
Targeting and Segmentation


2 forms of Marketing

Top 2 forms of Online Marketing
Direct marketing
Branding and Storytelling
 Direct Marketing v/s Branding


Facebook Marketing

How to create Ads on Facebook
Targeting and customer segmentation on Facebook
 Facebook Objectives
Facebook Ad placement
Facebook Ad budget and bid strategies
 Facebook Business page


Pixels and Retargeting

How to run Re-targeting Ads
How to set up your pixel code
How to pixel your audience
 Re-targeting through Facebook and Google
Conversion and Tracking


Google Advertising

 Introduction to Google Adwords
How to run Ads on Google
Google adwords campaign selection
PPC Advertising
 Google Ad Networks
Targeting and customer segmentation on Google
Strategic Bidding Formula
Practicals of selecting right keywords
Practicals for Search, Display and Shopping Network
Ad budget split


Google Analytics

How to use Analytics

How to increase your ROI
Measuring and Analysing the data
Practicals for Analytics
Traffic source
Conversion tracking



Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

Principles of Email Marketing

Softwares for Email Marketing

How to create an Email Automation
How to convert leads into clients
Different types of Email Sequences
Practicals of Email Marketing using Active Campaign



Instagram Marketing

How to use Instagram for Marketing
Creating Ads on Instagram
Tools to enhance Instagram Marketing
Hashtag marketing
Practicals on creating Instagram advertising campaign



Snapchat Marketing

How to use Snapchat for marketing
Converting leads into clients
The 10 second rule
Brand building using snapchat
Content for Snapchat



LinkedIn Marketing

3 part sequence to build your connections

Targeting and segmentation
How to optimise your profile on LinkedIn
How to run LinkedIn Ads



Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing

Role of content marketing

2 forms of content creation for maximum ROI
Content Distribution
The EME content formula to social conversion


Content Writing

Content Curation

Copy writing techniques for non writers

How to create great content for blogs

How to curate Content for Social Media
How to curate plagiarism free Content



How to write a Blog

Blog writing for social media

Finding the right topic and headline for Blog

How to structure your Blog

Ideal format for writing a Blog



Headline Writing

Importance of Headlines

Different types of Headlines

How to write a Headline under 10 minutes

The secret to write great Headlines


Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO
On page Optimisation
Off page Optimisation
Tools for SEO
Practicals for SEO
Why you should not stop at SEO
Keyword research for your SEO
How to create effective backlinks
How to perform white hat SEO
Strategies and tools for 100% Optimisation



3 Different Business Models

Understanding the eCommerce Business Model
Understanding the Service Business Model
Understanding the Advertising Business Model
Formula and Strategy to grow any Business Online
7 Step Digital Marketing strategy and process
Practically creating strategies for each business model using digital marketing.



Customer Value Optimisation

Introduction to the CVO model
How to convert leads into clients
How to design the conversion process
The business model to decide the right strategies and offers
5 Types of CVO’s
Practicals for creating different CVO for product/app/services


Media Planning

Introduction to Media Planning
How to split your Media Activities
Ad Budget Split
How to identify the right Media for your Business
Creating and analysing your media plans
Strategies and tools to distribute your ad budget
Practicals on Media Planning and Ad budget split



Website Structure

Idea website structure for your business
7 elements of a high-converting website
Ideal design for an eCommerce website
Ideal design for a service based website



WordPress and Shopify

Introduction to WordPress
Introduction to Shopify
How to build your website on WordPress
How to create blogs and pages without coding
How to create your own store on Shopify


P&P Principle

The Principle of Pain and Pleasure
Understanding Consumer Psyche
Online Buying Behaviours and Patterns
Principles that drive Sales



Keywords Planning

 Importance of Keywords
How to fine the right Keyword
Head Keyword and Long Tail Keywords
Keyword Planner Tools
Keyword research for Ads and Website
Practicals on Primary and Secondary keywords



7 Secrets of Mind Control

How to use these 7 secrets to drive more Sales
Most important tools of mind control
How to frame your marketing message
How to frame your branding message
Applying offline psychology principles online



Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Principles of SMM
How to create content for Social Media
Viral Marketing
How to use all Social Media Platforms for one Marketing Strategy
Practicals on creating a Social Media Campaign



Campaign Building

How to create a High Converting Campaign
How to create a Viral Campaign
Converting your leads into customers through your Funnel
 7 Steps to build a High Converting Campaign


Mobile Marketing

Introduction to Mobile Marketing
Importance of Mobile Marketing
How to create content for mobile marketing
Targeting and segmentation
Data collection and analysis
Softwares and Platforms for Mobile Marketing




Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing
Importance of Affiliate Marketing
Generate leads through Affiliate Marketing
High converting tools and strategies



Webmaster Tool

Introduction to Webmaster tool
Importance of Webmaster Tool
Practicals of using and analysing Webmaster Tool
Search traffic, Google index, Sitemaps



SEO for YouTube

How to optimise your content on YouTube
7 Steps to 100% optimisation
Keyword planning for your content
How to create and circulate great content for YouTube
How to Rank your videos on the first page organically



YouTube Marketing

Introduction to YouTube
How to create your channel
How to grow and promote your business on YouTube
How to monetise your videos on YouTube
How to create ads on YouTube
Targeting and Segmentation
Practicals for In-Stream and In-Display ads



Viral Marketing

What is Viral Marketing
Creating content for Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing platforms
How to find the trending hashtags
How to find the trending topics



Live Streaming

Importance of Live Streaming
Facebook live videos
How to use live streaming to grow and promote your business
Different tools for Live Streaming



eCommerce Marketing

How to setup your own eCommerce store
Marketing your eCommerce store
Creating marketing and Branding message for your store
Drop Shipping eCommerce Business model
3 steps to set up your eCommerce store



Webinar Marketing

Importance of webinars
Targeting your audience
How to grow and promote your brand through Webinars
How to curate content for Webinars
Top Webinar tools


Digital Marketing Strategies and Project Submission

List of tools and website to collect data
How to study and analyse the data
How to create a complete Digital Marketing Strategy
Project work and submission

The Marketing Nerdz’s 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course is a Practical Based professional course which is deemed to be equivalent to other Diploma courses.

Admission Process:

The Marketing Nerdz’s 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course is a Practical Based Professional Course which is deemed to be equivalent to other Diploma Course.

A choice at this stage will help to:


    1. 1. Achieve segmentation during the post course training
    1. 2. Attainment of the end goal and objective of the candidates to pursue the course
    1. 3. Applicants develop a sharp and clear focus early on in the program
    1. 4. Gets the candidate ready for the industry with practical knowledge in their field of specialisation.

Academic Background:

Applicants must possess a consistent and strong academic background.Applicants performance in 10th, 12th and Graduation will be considered will reviewing and selecting the application for the course.

    1. 1. An aggregate of all the subjects for the 10th and 12th grade examination will be considered.
    1. 2. Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree with at least 50% marks or equivalent GPA awarded by any of the Universities incorporated by an Act of the central or state legislature in India or other educational Institutes.
    1. 3. Applicants who are in the last year of their Degree college and are awaiting their results can also apply. Their score for the latest exam appeared will be accounted for during the selection process.
    1. 4. Applicants need to submit their documents along with their Degrees during the application process. If they fail to submit the same, their application to the Program will stand cancelled.
    1. 5. For Applicants who do not have a Bachelor’s Degree and have completed other correspondence or Diploma courses need to submit all the marksheets for the same and an aggregate of all the scores will be considered during the selection process.

Work Experience:


    1. 1. Work experience is not mandatory for this course and fresh graduates, undergraduates can also apply for the course.
      2. Proof of work experience will be required during the application process.

Application Process:

To apply for our 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course, applicants must fill out the online admission form or submit their application over the phone.

The application process is divided into three steps: Telephonic Interview Round, Presentation Round and Personal Interview Round.

Fee Structure

1) The fee for the 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course for Business Owners is Rs 55,000 + taxes

2) The fee for the 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course for Working Professionals Rs 45,000 + taxes

3) The fee for the 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course for Students Rs 38,000 + taxes

If you prefer the convenience of smaller amounts each month then you should opt for our 3 Months Easy Installment Payment Option.
Please call 8422906036 for more details.

The fee includes:

Training for 3 months
Practical training
Notes and Study Material
 The Marketing Nerdz Certification
Access to our Job Portal
Access to our FB private group
Training and exams for Google Certification

Online Application Form:

Link to the online application form: CLICK HERE

Once the candidate submits the application form, he/she will be provided with a brochure with the complete course details and curriculum via email.

Selection Process:

We Select ONLY 10 Students Per Batch!

Based on the application answers, the applicant is either shortlisted or their application is forwarded for a second round of review followed by a telephonic round of interview with the Program Director.

Final Selection List:

Once the selection team reviews all the applications, the final results are sent out to applicants personally via email after 48 hours.
For the selected applicants, one seat is temporarily blocked in the system for a duration of 3 working days.
The candidate is required to complete their registration process with the fee payment and document submission within these 3 days.
If a candidate fails to complete the payment and registration, their seats are automatically released from the system for other candidates whose applications are shortlisted.
Once an applicant’s seat is released, their application is blacklisted in the system for a duration of 3 months and they are not allowed to apply for any of the course with The Marketing Nedz during that duration.

For all those who complete their registration for the course in due time, an email with the detailed course schedule and timing is sent out via email.

Total Intake:

The total intake per batch for the 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course is ONLY 10 candidates per batch.
An additional 3 seats have been sanctioned for our in-house TMN quota. The maximum total intake for the Program is 13 seats Only

* Application and Registration fee once paid in cash, cheque or any form is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

We provide Guaranteed Internship  to all our Certified Students.

Based on the student’s performance in the internship, we go on to hire some of the selected students to work with our own companies. In fact, 20% of our workforce comprises of our own Certified Students.



Amazon Seller. Member of TMN’s 3 Months Digital Marketing Training Program at Courtyard by Marriott

❝Digital Marketing is like a book, when you read it, each page is exciting. Karan is the best person who can teach you this book❞


CEO and Founder of Profusion Creatives LLP. Graduate, TMN’s 1 Lac Coaching Club Program

“With the help of this course (1 Lac Club), I discovered the ability to manage the team, close a deal and move ahead with the client simultaneously and building my own brand. It’s hardly been sometime that I’ve been associated with this course and already I am seeing a lot of results. With the strategies Karan taught, I helped businesses to reach their target audience and make MORE CLIENTS and make MORE MONEY.

Earlier I used to tap into everything. Now I know how to focus on something which can actually yield results, thanks to this training. This course has given me a direction and I have a specified goal. And now because I have a goal, I am at a better position to achieve that.”



Entrepreneur and Graduate of TMN’s Digital Marketing Agency Program

“I am a huge fan of Karan Dharamsi. Karan as a mentor is Brilliant, seriously! I really believe in you guys because I have seen that change and development in myself. I had a dream to become an Entrepreneur and your course where we worked on setting up our own Agency came in at the perfect time. All your courses came at a time when I wanted them to. I even did my internship here and that too was at the perfect time. I always recommend your courses to others because you guys have taken me from nowhere to where I am today.”



Engineer and Graduate of TMN’s 1 Lac Coaching Club Program

“I am here in Mumbai to learn Digital Marketing and start my own agency with the help of Karan Sir. I got to learn not just the technical stuff but the marketing aspect of it too; how to get clients, how to maintain clients, etc. This course and Karan Sir have been like a GPS system when you don’t know where to go!”



Image Consultant, Makeup Artist and Owner of “Preet Fashion”

“Karan as a mentor is very positive and approachable which is very encouraging”

Johnsy Helga

Digital Marketing Professional and Lead Generation Specialist

❝It’s Worth the travel❞

Anmol Gehani

❝If you are really serious about digital marketing, this is the place you will get to know each and everything.❞

Priyanka Bhutani

Owner of Dekh Bhai Dekh Agency, Gujarat

❝I am going to offer a lot of things to my Clients and they are going to thank me❞


Owner of Content Writing Company

❝I can add a lot of value to my Clients and Customers❞


eCommerce Business Owner

❝Digital Marketing is a key component for any Business. The Marketing Nerdz helps you in different ways, guiding you and helping you to be successful in whatever you do❞

Zeal Mehta


❝I’m actually feeling so bad…it’s coming to an end. My biggest takeaway from the course is the things I learnt in terms of technology! ❞

Dhawal Mehta


❝Someone who is an Entrepreneur or is starting his own Business should definitely hire the services from The Marketing Nerdz❞

Ridge Kennedy Miranda


❝It’s been an incredible 3-4 months learning from Karan Sir. Not only about marketing, but much more and travelling every weekend for 3-4 hours for the classes was worth it❞


Brand Consultant

❝It will definitely work out for me and my Business❞



❝This Course was a great ROI for me.❞


PR Head

❝I would recommend this course to everyone and anyone❞

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