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23 Jan I Don’t Recommend Gary Vee’s Content Model Or Theory

Let me start this post by asking you to do one thing if you are a GARY VEE Fan – Please read this post with an Open Mind and no BIASES. 

But if you want to keep the Blinkers on while reading the post, please be my guest. I have no patience for people who can’t exercise the Power Of Rationality and Objectivity. 

To begin with, I’m Not a Gary HATER. 
As I was said earlier as well. I don’t HATE anyone. I don’t intend to waste my limited time on this planet hating someone. 

In fact, I like Gary. But I disagree with his Core Philosophy on Bombardment of Content along with the word HUSTLE which is now synonymous with him. 
And all credits to him for Popularizing the word. 

But here are the 2 main issues with Bombardment and Hustle

1) You get caught up in your own Bubble. You STOP thinking. And when I say thinking – I refer to the art of ‘Being Alone and REALLY Thinking’. Introspecting. 

Most people who get caught up in the crazy Frenzy of Creation and posting 10000000 Pieces of Content eventually can/will only think about how could they create new content NOW! They can never be present in the moment. It’s happened with me, personally. A lot of Popular YouTubers have vocally spoken about how Create More and Post More almost DESTROYED their personal life and mental health. 

So you see, the biggest issue is – You don’t get any Smarter when you just think about posting all day long. 

2) You will end up making LESS money as a Solopreneur or a Small Business when you follow the advice of posting 1000000 pieces of Content. 

Most people never stop and ask – Hey, why am I doing this? 
Well, I’m assuming, we are all doing this to make more money at the end of the day, right? 

Unless, your goal is just to be popular and stay Broke or Never make REAL money, then it makes sense. 

But in all honesty, if your goal with your marketing is to sell more products, services, or advertising… And if you don’t have a lot of resources. You may want to stop, and ask yourself. 

Should I KILL myself Hustling and Posting so much content everyday or should I leverage the most important platforms and spend the rest of my time on Sales and Actually Growing the Business. Any model presented should only be applied after a thorough Audit. 

And even without Auditing, I can bet that most Small businesses or Individuals/Freelancers don’t have the resources to post all day long. 
If you have all the resources in the world – GREAT! Posting all around is something YOU should do. But only if you have all the resources in the world. 

If not, picking and choosing what’s the most optimal for you is the way to go… 

3) Here is a bonus point of Contention – When you do this over a long period of time. You overexpose yourself. Your ideas start sounding redundant. You miss on all the GROWTH (Intellectual) because you NEVER took the time out to experience something outside your own Bubble. 

And for those reasons, and a lot lot more… I am not a FAN of the Hustle and Post Ideology. 

There are great examples of Contrarian Marketing Personal Brands on YouTube and Twitter… People who rose to FAME, Money, and Power without Hustling, or Posting 100000 times a day. 

To sum it up – Consistency is great! What’s more important is the MESSAGE. 

A great message would do for you what 100000000000000000000 pieces of Content won’t do for you! Focus on Honing Your Message. And sadly for that, you need to take the time out and upgrade what’s between the 2 ears. 

I talk more about it in the video I posted on YouTube. Give it a watch, and then if you disagree with me, great let me know why (reasoning) and we shall talk. 

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3 Ways To Charge A Client For Digital Marketing Service Karan Dharamsi The Marketing Nerdz

16 Jan 3 Ways To Charge A Client For Digital Marketing Service!

“How should I Charge A Client for My Digital Marketing Services?”
Well, that’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get. So, today let me share with you some of my most favorite ways to Charge a Client for my Digital Marketing Services. 

Way #1 To Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service: “The Retainer Model”

In the Retainer Model, you charge the client a basic monthly retainer fee for your services. You could sign an Year Long Contract.
Now this model has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros of  the Retainer Model.
Pros: ✔ You get an assured monthly pay.

Pros: ✔ It Brings Income Certainty 

The Cons/ Drawbacks of the Retainer Model… 

Cons: You do NOT have Long Term Leverage.

Cons: The Client can replace you anytime.

If you want to hear my thoughts about the Retainer Model in detail, then watch the video below. 
Alright, let’s talk about the next way to Charge a Client for Your Digital Marketing Service. 

Way #2 To Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service: “The Only Commision Model”
Pros of “The Only Commision Model”: Easier to Close Clients.
Pros of “The Only Commision Model”: Great if you work in specific niches. Replicable 

The Cons/ Drawbacks of “The Only Commision Model”…

Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: No Income Certainty.
Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: No Transparency if the clients don’t show the bank account. No proper paperwork

Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: You’re Replaceable
Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: It has No Long Term Leverage 
Now, Way #3 To Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service is “The R+C Model”.
Wanna know what “The R+C Model” is all about? Want to know its Pros & Cons? Well tune into the video below. 

In the video, I also share a bonus way to Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service which is “The R+% Model”. 
Wondering? Which model to select? Want to know which model I use for my clients? I reveal all of that in this video.  

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