Karan Dharamsi is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Expert. And he believes in the process of “edutainment” when it comes to the exchange of ideas, knowledge and Business Strategies ensuring that his clients and audience move one step closer towards achieving their goals with the help of Digital Marketing!

Karan Dharamsi will leave your audience with an ocean full of information, entertained, motivated and wanting for more!


Let’s admit, tech stuff can get boring after a point! But after Karan Dharamsi started his Keynote Speech at the recently held Tech Conclave, the crowd started filling in. And as the speech progressed, it was a laughter riot filled with a lot of Golden Nuggets about how to really use Digital Marketing in this Digital Age!

Here’s a short clip from the Tech Conclave


Karan Dharamsi is regularly invited as the “Celebrity Entrepreneur Speaker” at colleges on topics including Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Social Media.

“Guest Entrepreneur Speaker” at UPG College

The students & teachers had a remarkable time knowing his story of going from “making Rs. 6000 a month to growing 6 companies”! Here’s a short clip from his “Celebrity Entrepreneur Speaker Session” at UPG College:

“Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Speaker” at S.P Jain College

Karan Dharamsi was invited by S.P Jain college, Bandra for a speaker session on “Entrepreneurship in this Digital Age” with their Global Family Managed Business program students. S.P Jain college is ranked #10 in Forbes list for this Program in the world.

The audience including the students as well as the faculty were highly inspired and moved with his entrepreneurial journey, starting from making Rs 6000 a month to starting 6 different companies all through his Digital Marketing skills, without any external funding. And recently he also turned into an Investor and he loves investing in Startups.

Here’s a snap of his recent speaker session at S.P Jain College:







Karan Dharamsi reaches out to his audience and TMN fans regularly through his Daily Vlogs and custom videos & Facebook Live videos. Reaching out to tens of thousands of audience-members daily. In his videos, Karan answers viewers’ questions and shares his journey as an entrepreneur, success and failure stories alike!

New and Noteworthy Podcast in the 1st week itself!

Also, one of the fastest growing Podcasts on iTunes, The Marketing Nerdz Podcast climbed up the ladder and has been featured on the 6th position on the New and Noteworthy section in the first week itself!

On this Podcasts, you have the opportunity to bring in all your Q&As.

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