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24 Feb Modi needs to be careful… The slap


I was in Ahmedabad yesterday.
The city had Modi-Trump ads all over.

So after completing the 3 Months Digital Marketing Course session in Ahmedabad.
I was training some members of the 10 Lac Club Program on the importance of Body Language…

You see:

How you meet people, your potential clients… How you talk to them plays a BIG role in whether they hire you or your agency and how much they pay you.

Yesterday’s session was specifically on the Handshake.

You may not believe this, but Politicians, CEO’s etc hire a Handshake Coach to learn the art of getting it right.

Did you know?

1) If you are trying to establish equality, you need to Shake your hands at a 90 Bank Angle

2) But if you are trying to establish POWER and Domination, then you do a Rev-Supine Handshake.

3) While in some cases, when you want to make your superior feel powerful or not be insecure – You just do a Reg-Supine handshake.

You see, every little move that you make in the meeting determines if the client hires you and pays you your ideal fee.

And if you make dumb moves, they may flat out refuse to work with you or make you run around like you are one of the 1000000’s of average Freelancer.

Do you remember the last time Modi met Trump?
He slapped Trump’s hand so hard… It took everyone by Surprise.

I’m sure it took Modi by Surprise too. I don’t think he intended to slap it so hard. Just happened in the moment kind of a thing.

Why did Modi do that though?

I’m sure, the coach Modi was working with must have told him to keep an eye out on Trump’s body-language, especially his handshake to maintain equality.

Trump has a very Strong Handshake where his pushes and pulls you, to a point where it looks like he is playing with you like a toy. (Check his videos on YouTube).

So I guess, Modi and his coach may have planned this move well in advance.
And Kudos to Modi for making it happen. Although, it was a little overboard.

But coming back to us…

Now, I’m not a Politician…
And I guess, neither are you 😉

So what’s this got to do with you?

Well, everything! Because these skills also play a big role in the professional and business world.

You need to learn these skills if we want to make it BIG in the professional/business world.

If you want to work with clients that take you SERIOUSLY.

If you want to work with businesses that pay you well.

Running a Successful Freelance Digital Marketing Business or an Agency is all About – How you Present Yourself.

It’s the art of – Communication, Body-language and Presentation.

If you want to learn how to Attract Your Ideal Clients by Accurately Presenting Yourself…

I invite you to apply for my year long – One-On-One Mentorship Program – The 10 Lac Club.

In this program, I personally work with you to help you Design and Create Systems in Your Business to ATTRACT only your Ideal Clients. So you get paid the fee you deserve.

My goal is to help our students make Rs 10 – Rs 25 Lac in the next 12 months while setting up Systems and Processes that help them Scale their business in the coming years.

If you feel you need help – Fill out the application form here.

Once I go through your application. Only then will I be able to determine if I can help you or not. So if you are filling out the application, please feel it up in detail.

Karan Dharamsi
CEO – The Marketing Nerdz
Ph – 8422906036

P.S. I have a gut feeling that Trump may pull out a New Body-language strategy to avenge the Handshake Slap from Modi.

Modi needs to keep an eyeout. Would be interesting to watch.

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Karan Dharamsi Gary Vee

23 Jan I Don’t Recommend Gary Vee’s Content Model Or Theory

Let me start this post by asking you to do one thing if you are a GARY VEE Fan – Please read this post with an Open Mind and no BIASES. 

But if you want to keep the Blinkers on while reading the post, please be my guest. I have no patience for people who can’t exercise the Power Of Rationality and Objectivity. 

To begin with, I’m Not a Gary HATER. 
As I was said earlier as well. I don’t HATE anyone. I don’t intend to waste my limited time on this planet hating someone. 

In fact, I like Gary. But I disagree with his Core Philosophy on Bombardment of Content along with the word HUSTLE which is now synonymous with him. 
And all credits to him for Popularizing the word. 

But here are the 2 main issues with Bombardment and Hustle

1) You get caught up in your own Bubble. You STOP thinking. And when I say thinking – I refer to the art of ‘Being Alone and REALLY Thinking’. Introspecting. 

Most people who get caught up in the crazy Frenzy of Creation and posting 10000000 Pieces of Content eventually can/will only think about how could they create new content NOW! They can never be present in the moment. It’s happened with me, personally. A lot of Popular YouTubers have vocally spoken about how Create More and Post More almost DESTROYED their personal life and mental health. 

So you see, the biggest issue is – You don’t get any Smarter when you just think about posting all day long. 

2) You will end up making LESS money as a Solopreneur or a Small Business when you follow the advice of posting 1000000 pieces of Content. 

Most people never stop and ask – Hey, why am I doing this? 
Well, I’m assuming, we are all doing this to make more money at the end of the day, right? 

Unless, your goal is just to be popular and stay Broke or Never make REAL money, then it makes sense. 

But in all honesty, if your goal with your marketing is to sell more products, services, or advertising… And if you don’t have a lot of resources. You may want to stop, and ask yourself. 

Should I KILL myself Hustling and Posting so much content everyday or should I leverage the most important platforms and spend the rest of my time on Sales and Actually Growing the Business. Any model presented should only be applied after a thorough Audit. 

And even without Auditing, I can bet that most Small businesses or Individuals/Freelancers don’t have the resources to post all day long. 
If you have all the resources in the world – GREAT! Posting all around is something YOU should do. But only if you have all the resources in the world. 

If not, picking and choosing what’s the most optimal for you is the way to go… 

3) Here is a bonus point of Contention – When you do this over a long period of time. You overexpose yourself. Your ideas start sounding redundant. You miss on all the GROWTH (Intellectual) because you NEVER took the time out to experience something outside your own Bubble. 

And for those reasons, and a lot lot more… I am not a FAN of the Hustle and Post Ideology. 

There are great examples of Contrarian Marketing Personal Brands on YouTube and Twitter… People who rose to FAME, Money, and Power without Hustling, or Posting 100000 times a day. 

To sum it up – Consistency is great! What’s more important is the MESSAGE. 

A great message would do for you what 100000000000000000000 pieces of Content won’t do for you! Focus on Honing Your Message. And sadly for that, you need to take the time out and upgrade what’s between the 2 ears. 

I talk more about it in the video I posted on YouTube. Give it a watch, and then if you disagree with me, great let me know why (reasoning) and we shall talk. 

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3 Ways To Charge A Client For Digital Marketing Service Karan Dharamsi The Marketing Nerdz

16 Jan 3 Ways To Charge A Client For Digital Marketing Service!

“How should I Charge A Client for My Digital Marketing Services?”
Well, that’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get. So, today let me share with you some of my most favorite ways to Charge a Client for my Digital Marketing Services. 

Way #1 To Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service: “The Retainer Model”

In the Retainer Model, you charge the client a basic monthly retainer fee for your services. You could sign an Year Long Contract.
Now this model has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros of  the Retainer Model.
Pros: ✔ You get an assured monthly pay.

Pros: ✔ It Brings Income Certainty 

The Cons/ Drawbacks of the Retainer Model… 

Cons: You do NOT have Long Term Leverage.

Cons: The Client can replace you anytime.

If you want to hear my thoughts about the Retainer Model in detail, then watch the video below. 
Alright, let’s talk about the next way to Charge a Client for Your Digital Marketing Service. 

Way #2 To Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service: “The Only Commision Model”
Pros of “The Only Commision Model”: Easier to Close Clients.
Pros of “The Only Commision Model”: Great if you work in specific niches. Replicable 

The Cons/ Drawbacks of “The Only Commision Model”…

Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: No Income Certainty.
Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: No Transparency if the clients don’t show the bank account. No proper paperwork

Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: You’re Replaceable
Cons of “The Only Commision Model”: It has No Long Term Leverage 
Now, Way #3 To Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service is “The R+C Model”.
Wanna know what “The R+C Model” is all about? Want to know its Pros & Cons? Well tune into the video below. 

In the video, I also share a bonus way to Charge A Client For Your Digital Marketing Service which is “The R+% Model”. 
Wondering? Which model to select? Want to know which model I use for my clients? I reveal all of that in this video.  

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Karan Dharamsi The Marketing Nerdz CASH On DELIVERY: My E-Commerce Experiment

15 Jan NO CASH On DELIVERY: Here are the RESULTS of My E-Commerce Experiment!

CASH On DELIVERY (COD) to me is a double edged sword. You can’t IGNORE it, and yet when you use COD, it ends up putting a BIG hole in your pocket.

Although, the number of customers increase thanks to Cash on Delivery Payment Option… here are a few things I noticed.

1) The Refund Requests is relatively higher from COD Customers compared to customers who pay online.

2) COD customers need more management, thus more employees and Customer Support Time.

3) This was an observation which was later verified with data – COD customers generally tend to be more RUDE with the Customer Support and in general compared to Customers that pay online. Of course, it’s subjective to an extent. I’m a COD customer myself. But I hope you can see the point here.

4) As an extension to the 3rd point, the Attrition Rate in the Phone Support is higher (Which is mostly Virtual in my company). Thus adding to the Stress Levels.

5) And lastly, the negative reviews or the Threat of Negative Reviews (most times customers aren’t home to accept the order) is higher from COD customers.

Given all these factors, I recently decided to get rid of the COD option.

Here is what actually happened:

1) My sales dropped by over 60%.

2) My CPA went HIGH.

3) The refund rate dramatically decreased.

4) My net profit went up drastically.

5) My Stress levels were almost down to ZERO.

6) I needed less staff and the team was happier in general.

So to conclude: If you run an E-Commerce Store in India, doing away with COD is something you should test.

Here’s a detailed video I created sharing the results of this E-Commerce experiment.

Warning: My suggestion is my personal opinion and not a prescription. If you are losing money with COD, if you are stressed all the time… Then it’s a worth while option to test getting rid of COD.

You may lose out on a lot of sales. But you would be happier and will actually take home more MONEY because your net profit will be higher.

Note: If you plan to have investors on-board, then please don’t test this option out. A BIG Revenue (Top Line) is what you need to show your investors… So the volume of sales is important and COD plays a BIG role in getting more sales.

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What's BAD About SELLING a Course on UDEMY Karan Dharamsi The Marketing Nerdz

13 Jan What’s BAD About SELLING A Course On UDEMY?

Why I’m not a Fan of Selling Courses on Udemy! Why You Should NOT Start Off By Selling Your Courses on Udemy!

Now, the Reason I Say NO to Udemy is because you want to start off by Projecting Your Brand Correctly. 

You see, Udemy is like any Marketplace. Just like Amazon. Just like Flipkart. Where you can find different products – in this case different courses on different topics. You can pick and choose based on reviews. 

The Reason I do not ever suggest anybody to start out by selling on marketplace is because you Lose that Brand Value / Brand Perception.

Why I say ‘Do NOT Start off by Selling on Udemy’ is because You’ll Fall in that Category where You’ll be Compared with Every other Tom, Dick & Harry who’s Selling on Udemy.
The Perception of Your Brand, and Your Courses will fall down. And it may likely never recover. 

Either You Could be the “Apple” or OYO…
Do You Think OYO Customers will be Happy to Pay Rs. 25,000/- for a night?  

If You are Launching a Brand and If You Plan to Charge a Premium, and Have High End Products, DO NOT Start on Udemy. Why?
Well, I give a very detailed and descriptive reasoning about it in this video. 

In the video, I also talk about:

✔ The Power of Branding  

✔ The Magic of Marketing  

✔ How NOT to Lose Your Brand Value / Brand Perception…

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Sad State Digital Marketing India 2020 Karan Dharamsi The Marketing Nerdz

12 Jan The Sad State of Digital Marketing in India in 2020

If you look around, you would see, that’s what the Digital Marketing industry is moving towards. 
You now see ads where Digital Marketing Courses are sold for JUST Rs. 99.
You now have Digital Marketing Service Providers who offer to work as Digital Marketers for Just Rs. 999/Month. 

And the SAD part is… A very LARGE Percentage of Marketers are now moving in this Fight to being the CHEAPEST.

Most Marketers today Just use the age old tool – which is now slowly becoming an ineffective tool of Creating FAKE URGENCY and Offering HYPED Up DISCOUNTS

I see very few marketers today know/understand the TRUE form of Marketing – Story Telling and Character Building
And that’s why, most resort to just slashing the PRICE and selling their Courses/Services for Peanuts. 
History PROVES that the battle to being the CHEAPEST Provider is a tough one to WIN in the long-run and most businesses are Burnt in this battle before they see the light of the day. 

If you are a Marketer – I URGE You to STOP playing the Game of Being the CHEAPEST. Please realize the Potential of what you do and charge the amount YOU Deserve
The marketplace always pays for the VALUE, the Value YOU demonstrate. 

Don’t undervalue YOUR Products/Services
And don’t participate in the Game of Cheapness, Oh, I mean being the Cheapest Provider. 

You know, funnily, I think there will be a day when someone will come up with an Ad saying – I will pay you 99 bucks to join my course 😉
If YOU are a REAL Marketer – Stay TRUE to your Worth.

If you want to watch a video about this, here you go:


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Deepika Padukone The Marketing Nerdz Karan Dharamsi

09 Jan Deepika Padukone Wins The Boldest Marketer Of The Year Award In My Books!

Today’s post can be a little controversial, and can be Misconstrued if you don’t read it objectively.

I’m not here judging Deepika Padukone or taking a moral High-Ground.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite. I’m here praising her and her PR and Marketing team for the Bold and Risky Marketing Move to Promote her new movie.

Now, I know some people reading this may feel I’m being Insensitive.
So before you read ahead, let me re-iterate.

My analysis here is purely objective. It’s just from a marketing Stand-Point.
Neither you nor I know what Deepika’s real intent was. And honestly, I don’t care about her Intent.

I have a political view on the whole incident, but in this post, I only plan to talk about the Marketing Side of things keeping the politics aside.

So are we cool looking at it objectively from a marketing perspective?

I’m assuming you said, YES!

Let’s continue the analysis.

You see, in Marketing, Timing is everything.

And Deepika Padukone is now officially my favorite marketer with her latest move.

Her JNU Visit AKA Solidarity support couldn’t have come at a better time – Her Movie Release.

Here is what it did for her:

✔️ Made her the center of conversation of every media debate including my post.

✔️ Enhanced her persona and image as a BOLD, Courageous, and STRONG woman – really aligned with her character and the real life person she is playing on screen.  

✔️ All in all, it’s a move that’s going to bump up the sales of her movie tickets. A lot of it now driven by this new Persona plus the induced Admiration and Super-Heroine indoctrination.

Yes, some would say, it was just a Marketing Gimmick…

A Publicity Stunt…

Maybe. Maybe not.

For the purpose of this article, I don’t care about the Politics of it.

Looking at it purely as a Marketer… I ADMIRE Deepika’s Courage.
It takes B**ls to do what she did with everything she has on stake and to lose.

Personally – I have to give Deepika full marks here for taking a Huge RISK and standing up against the Government. She surely made a lot of enemies with her move while winning some people over too.

So Kudos to her.

I have a detailed video on this. Watch below.

Karan Dharamsi
CEO – The Marketing Nerdz
Ph – 8422906036

P.S. The recent political events teach us about an Important Marketing Lesson. Especially, about how the BJP is losing the plot and will keep moving down if they continue with their existing marketing plan. More on that in the next post. 

P.P.S. Applications are now open for the 3 Months Digital Marketing Certification Course at:

✔️ Hotel JW Marriott, Mumbai or

✔️ Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad (Starting Soon – Filling Out Fast)

Click here to apply.

For details, please call – 8422906036.

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08 Jan 25 IMPORTANT DIGITAL MARKETING & Business TOOLS I Use To Run My Businesses In 2020

Want to Skyrocket & Grow Your Business in 2020 by Using the Tools that help Me Grow My Business?
I use several Digital Marketing and other tools in general to run my businesses.

While I am sure I use over 50+ tools.

I made a list of 25 Tools that I can’t live out… To be specific, I can’t run my businesses without these tools.

Want to know the names of those Digital Marketing and business related Tools I can’t Live Without In 2020? Well, I share the names of those tools in this video.

 All The Tools I Use In My Business – Revealed in this video.

I did some rough calculation.

The tools cost me roughly Rs 90K + Per Month Recurring.
In addition, my Lifetime Subscription for some tools is a combined INR 2,00,000.

You can watch the video with the list of all tools I use here –

If you found the video helpful, give it a like 🙂

Go ahead & Skyrocket + Grow Your Business in 2020 by Using these very Tools that help Me Grow My Business. 

Karan Dharamsi
CEO – The Marketing NerdzPh – 8422906036

P.S. Applications are now open for the 3 Months Certification Course at:

✔️ Hotel JW Marriott, Mumbai or

✔️ Hotel Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad (Starting Soon – Filling Out Fast)

Click here to apply.

For details, please call – 8422906036.

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01 Jan LinkedIn Marketing Trends & Strategies for 2020 |6 Steps to Make LinkedIn Generate Sales for You in 2020

Happy New Year!

Let’s begin the New Year (2020) with one of my Favorite Platforms – LinkedIn.
Last year, LinkedIn was the 2nd highest sales generator for us.

And this year as well, it looks like, LinkedIn will be in the Top 3 Position.

LinkedIn is a Goldmine in 2020. Do NOT Miss on This Goldmine. Take advantage of it & Generate Massive Sales. How? Well by implementing my LinkedIn Marketing Trends & Strategies for 2020.

I share my 5+1 Steps to Make LinkedIn Work for You in 2020. By using these 6 Steps, You can Make LinkedIn Generate Sales for You in 2020.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about my 5+1 Formula to Generate MASSIVE ROI from LinkedIn.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive deep into it.

6 Steps to Make LinkedIn Generate Sales for You in 2020
✅ Step 1)Define Your Target Audience 
And Re-Work Your Profile to Appeal to this target audience.
Go through my profile to get an Idea of what needs to be done.

✅ Step 2)Search for Your Potential Target Audience Based on Demographical Filers 
LinkedIn has great Filers. Using LinkedIn Filters, connect with the right target audience. Upgrading to a Premium Account would really help.

✅ Step 3)Build a REAL Relationship with your connections.
Do not SPAM them. Remember, the B2B sales cycle is usually at least 6 months long.Build Genuine Connections. Win the Trust. Connect Legitly & Genuinely.
✅ Step 4)Post Everyday
A good analogy would be to treat Posting on LinkedIn like Email Marketing. Story based narratives work the best.

If you have the Solution to their Problem, they will read it. 
Take advantage of a really High Organic Reach on LinkedIn. 
✅ Step 5) Context MixYour content needs to be a mixture of Education, Entertainment, and Motivational Stories. Don’t just post bland SALES Pitches day in and day out. Don’t just keep posting about your products or services. 
Post a nice combination of: Entertainment, Education, and Motivation. 
✅ Step 6) Repeat 
Repeat the whole cycle of Step 1 to 5 indefinitely and see your ROI Skyrocket in just a few months. Do Not Stop the Cycle. 

Here’s a Detailed Video I have on this. 

If you plan to use LinkedIn in 2020 to Grow Your Business, YOU wouldn’t want to MISS out on the New Video Training.

On that note, I wish you a lot of Clicks, Sales, and Conversions in 2020!

LinkedIn is a Goldmine in 2020. Do NOT Miss on This Goldmine. Take advantage of it & Generate Massive Sales. How? Well by implementing my LinkedIn Marketing Trends & Strategies for 2020.

Implement my 5+1 Steps to Make LinkedIn Work for You in 2020. By using these 6 Steps, You can Make LinkedIn Generate Sales for You in 2020.

In this video, I will also teach you “What You Should NOT be Doing on LinkedIn”.

Happy New Year!

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07 Dec Digital Marketers: How You Can Make More Revenue Replicating TMN’s Business Model!

It’s a lazy Saturday Afternoon for me. I’m having to force myself to write this article.

The only motivation for me to write this article is YOU!

Yes, seriously!

You see, I was just someone STRUGGLING in life to make ends meet and pay my monthly bills. I was just an average guy.

And here I’m today, living life on my own terms thanks to the Internet, the fact that I decided to learn Copywriting and Digital Marketing in particular.

My goal with this article is to give you some Insights into how you could earn more Revenue as a Digital Marketer by borrowing some ideas from my business model (The Marketing Nerdz) and adding them in yours.

You see, every month, I do an audit of the revenue from different Profit Centers we have at TMN to see how we are performing against our Short and Long Term Goals.

Before I move ahead, let me define what is a Profit Center as far as my business is concerned.

At TMN, we put similar products/services in different categories. And then, each of these categories become a Different Profit Center.

For example: We have different online courses like:
– The 11 Week Online Copywriting Certification Course
– The Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Course
– How to Start Your Digital Marketing Agency Digital Course
– And a lot lot more.

So we club all our online courses into one category called – Online Courses. And thus, Online Courses is now termed as a Profit Center.

Similarly, we have other Profit Centers like Services, Events, Mentorship etc.

Now, before I share TMN’s Revenue Split, let me walk you through the different Profit Centers we have in our business.

You see, my goal with the article is not so much about sharing the Revenue Split per se. My goal with the article is to give you more ideas on what other services/products you can sell… Or how you can Leverage Your Digital Marketing Skills to make more revenue for yourself.


Well, you better be… And most importantly, be ready to take some notes, especially note down all the ideas you get on a piece of paper or on your laptop while you read the rest of the article.

These ideas that pop into your mind could be the next source of revenue for you.

Alright, so without building more curiosity. Here goes the list of different Profit Centers:

1) Digital Marketing Service, India! – Obvious one! Nothing fancy here.
As a Digital Marketer, you could offer Digital Marketing Services to clients. And we categories services to clients in India as a different Profit Center.

At this point, you could see from the graph below that the Digital Marketing Services in India contribute to about 20% of our Total Revenue.

And the cost of operation is roughly about 35% to deliver these services.

Well, we intentionally want to keep our total revenue from this profit center to be under 25%. And we work with only a select from clients from India and mostly Mid-Size Companies.

2) International Client Services – We categorize all the clients from US, UK, Canada, and Australia into a different profit center called – International Client Services.

This is the biggest source of revenue by far for TMN.

The total revenue from this Profit Center alone is roughly 42%. And when compared to the Indian Counterparts, the cost of operation is lower by at least a 7 points on a percentage basis.

Given the dollar rate today, it’s a fairly decent bump on the bottom line too 😉

3) Education (Live Classes) – As you may be aware, we also conduct Digital Marketing Certification Courses at 5 Star Properties across different cities in India. As you can see in the graph, it just contributes to about 10% of the Total Revenue. That’s a small number given the cost of operation is roughly 50%. Plus it takes up a lot of my personal time.

But there is a reason we still do these courses even though they may not be the most profitable thing in the world. I would talk about it in perhaps another article.

One of the ways to make this Profit Center more revenue generating is to Franchise the education division. But I’m never going to take that route. In the Franchise Model, I feel the quality of Education is almost always comprised.

4) Online Courses – All our online courses are clubbed under this Profit Center. To be honest, we don’t push our online courses a lot and that’s why you see the revenue generated from it is in single digits.

As the CEO, I hate to admit, but I have had a Blind Spot in this direction especially given the cost of operation is just 20% for us.

And also with the demand for online consumption of courses increasing, this is one profit center that we aim to work on dramatically in the coming years.

If you are a Digital Marketer, this is one Profit Center you could take massive advantage of. The investment to entry into this profit center is really low.

5) Mentorship Program – If you don’t know, I run a Mentopship Program by the name – The 10 Lac Club. It’s a 1 year coaching program where I work with a select few individuals on a One-On-One basis.

This program is designed to help an individual eventually scale up to making Rs 10 to Rs 25 Lacs a year by adding different profit centers in their Digital Marketing Business. To know more about it, click here.

Now, I don’t work with a lot of folks in this program since it’s an investment of my personal time. And thus, it’s not scalable.

But since I love Coaching and Mentoring right from my fitness days, I still coach a select few individuals that I like.

So not a big Profit Center for us. But something that you could consider adding as a Digital Marketer.

One way to SCALE this is by offering Group Coaching. This way, you can help more individuals in the same invested time. Plus, the Cost of Operation is comparatively lower since it involves your time (And depends on how you value it). But in a tangible sense, it could be considered low cost of operation.

6) Events and Bootcamps – This is another High Cost Profit Center for us. Now although, the numbers suggests that it’s not wasting time on this Profit Center… here is a BIG lesson for you.

Numbers can often mislead if not read in context.

You see, although this Profit Center is not High Revenue and is also High Cost, it’s one of the most profitable centers for us, thanks to the back end.

Most people who are selected as our clients in India or who join my Mentorship Program are folks who attend our Bootcamp and Events.

So remember this, don’t determine the feasibility of a Profit Center based on the Front-End numbers. Always look at the back-end to determine if you want to continue with a Profit Center or end it.

7) Advertising and Affiliate Marketing – This is another Profit Center that’s under leveraged by TMN. One of the reasons, we don’t drive a lot of revenue via this Profit Center is – Yours Truly!

You see, I HATE promoting bogus products, or creating B.S. videos talking about how you can make 1000000000000000000 in salary or make 10000000000000 dropshipping or doing Affiliate Marketing.

Videos with HYPED up titles get more views. And eventually make good money.

I would rather, miss out on those views and a little money than selling people B.S. that’s not TRUE.

Plus, I’ll be honest, I don’t have the time to create so much content since I run multiple other businesses apart from TMN and I also need at least a 2 hour daily reading time.

But yeah, this is one year we plan to improve in the coming year but with promoting only products that resonate with me and I personally use.

8) TMN Media Property – This is work in progress. So I don’t want to talk about it for now. It’s going to cost us a lot… But it’s a long term play and will talk about this when the time comes.

Well, I hope that I was able to spark some New Ideas in your mind whilst sharing the different profits centers in my business.

If you are just starting out as a Digital Marketer – Start with Freelancing, make some revenue and then move on the adding one new profit center at a time while building the existing ones.

If you are not sure how to acquire new clients as a Freelance Digital Marketers – Grab my book, The 1 Lac Formula right here!

Oh, and if you found value in this article, let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this with your Digital Marketing Friends and Colleagues.

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