How to select the best content writing certification course

How To Select The Best Online Content Writing Certification Course?

If you are wondering how to select the best Online Content Writing Certification Course, then you are in the right place.

And if you are thinking who is this guy and why you should listen to him… here is why.

My name is Karan Dharamsi. I’m the CEO of ‘The Marketing Nerdz’ – A Popular Digital & Content Marketing Agency in India. I’m also India’s Highest Paid Direct Response Copywriter. In fact, I make my living writing and a pretty good one at that…

Karan Dharamsi

So I guess now you know why I qualify to talk about this topic and why you should consider what I have to share with you in this article 🙂

OK, if you are reading this, I am assuming 2 things about you: 

1) You are Interested in learning Content writing and

2) You want to know how to select the best content writing course so you can invest in the right course and kick-start your career as a content writer.

In this article, I’ll make sure that you find the answers to your questions.

So without further ado, let me dive deep into what you are really here for… Which is – How to select the Best Online Content Writing Course!

A good content writing course will fulfill the following criteria!

Criteria #1: Is the course mentor a successful content writer himself/herself?

The first thing you should always look for while trying to sign up a content writing course or any course, in general, is – the background of the Faculty or the Course mentors.

Content Writing Course Mentor

Who you learn from can determine how successful will you become with a new skill you are trying to acquire.

A good teacher can help you learn a new skill faster and accelerate your success.

So the first thing you should always look for in any course is – the professional background of the faculty or course mentor.

Check for the following:

1) Is the course mentor a successful content writer himself/herself?

2) Does the course mentor actually make a living writing or are they only a teacher?

Important: Always choose to learn from someone who makes a living writing. Anybody can teach today.
But not everyone can make a great living as a content writer.

If you want to build a successful career as a content writer, always select a content writing course where the faculty member is also a working content writer.

Criteria #2: The Course Syllabus – What would I learn from this Content Writing Certification Course?

It goes without saying, but the 2nd important criterion for selecting the best online content writing course is the course content. The course syllabus.

Course Syllabus

Today, as a content writer, you have various options.

You can write content for Blogs, optimize articles for SEO, or write content for Social Media.

A good content writing course will teach you how to write for different platforms.

You can find more details about my 4 Week Online Content Writing Course here – Click Here.

So after you scan through the professional background of the course mentor, and you are happy with the course syllabus. You should check the teaching style next.

Criteria #3: What Is The Teaching Style & Format Of The Content Writing Course?

Now, this is another important factor that you should consider before signing up for any course in general.

Content Writing Course Format

We all have a preference for a certain personality and teaching style.

For example, I prefer teachers who are casual and teach like a friend. And that’s my teaching style too in my 4 Week Online Content Writing Certification Course.

But if you prefer a more formal teaching style… Or if you prefer a certain language… You should make sure that the course you plan to select fulfills those criteria.

The best way to learn more about the teaching style of the course faculty is to search for their videos on YouTube. If the faculty member is popular and experienced, they would 100% have a lot of videos on YouTube.

Watch their videos, and decide if you like how they teach.

Once you are satisfied with the teaching style, you come to the most important criteria – The Content Writing Course FEE.

Criteria #4: Price Versus Cost – What is the Online Content Writing Certification Course Fee?

Now, you should be really careful at this step.

Content Writing Course Fee

You see, most people go wrong here. They start with the course fee.

The first thing they look at is the course fee. And they usually select the cheapest course.

The problem with trying to SAVE money on the course fee and selecting the cheapest but the wrong course is – It ends up COSTING you way more in the long wrong.

Let me explain this with an example.

Let’s say, your search for the keyword – Best online content writing certification course, and you check out the top 5 search results on Google.

You find that there are 2 institutes that approximately charge Rs 5000 for the certification.
2 other institutes charge Rs 3000. And one institute charges Rs 700.

Because the syllabus almost looks the same for all the 5 institutions… Most students end up selecting the cheapest option.

Now the problem here is – Most students going with the cheapest option did not check the background of the faculty member… Nor did they check the teaching style. They are not even sure if the person teaching actually makes any money writing apart from selling courses.

So although they SAVED money by selecting the cheapest online content writing certification course. It’s very likely that:

– They do not like the teaching style of the teacher.
– They only learn superficial things because the faculty member is not experienced.
– They don’t know what to do after completing the course… They are clueless on how to go about building their career.

Now, these students end up spending a lot of time trying to figure out the path to a successful career as a content writer.

Content Writing Course

Yes, you can save a few hundred bucks by selecting the cheapest course. But you end up wasting months in trying to figure out the path to building a successful career… Months where you could have made money in salary or freelancing.

So going with a cheap course without looking into the other criteria I listed here could help you save a few 100 bucks, but you end up losing a lot of money by not being ready to work as a content writer and thus not finding the right opportunities – either a job or freelance gigs.

And that’s why the course fee is something that you should compare or look into as the 4th and not the first criteria.

I hope this article helps you in selecting the best online content writing certification course and kickstarting your career as a content writer.

Oh, and before you leave, if you already haven’t, you should check out the new 4 Week Online Content Writing Certification Course we recently launched.

Apply the criteria I just shared with you on my course 🙂
You will find a lot of my videos on YouTube.

If you have any other questions about Content Writing or building your career – connect with me on Instagram.

And if you want to know more about the Future Of Content Writing – Read this article that I wrote here. 

All the best!

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