AI And The Future Of Content Writing

The Future Of Content Writing Jobs – Will AI Take Over?

What’s the future of content writing jobs?
Is AI going to take over and replace content writers?
Well, if you are a Content writer or are planning to become one… I’m sure you must have thought about these questions.
In this article, I’ll share with you my thoughts on what I think is the future like for content writers…
I’ll cover the following points:
  • Can AI really replace Content Writers?
  • Is content writing still a good career option?
  • And if it is, what should you focus on to excel in your career as a content writer.
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Alright, so without further ado, let me quickly dive deep into the Future of Content Writing.

The Future of Content Writing Jobs – Can AI Really Replace Content Writers? 

Before we start reacting to the whole hype about AI, we first need to ask ourselves…
Is the current innovation in AI today ready to replace Content Writers? 
And my answer to that is a BIG NO.
In fact, it’s not even close.
You know, this whole hype about AI replacing content writers started when the news about GPT-3 started doing the rounds.
It was around this time that a lot of individuals took to the hype and over-emphasized what GPT-3 could do.
But before I talk about this further. Let me quickly answer an important question.

What exactly is GPT-3?

GPT-3 And The Future Of Content Writing

Simply put, it’s the next advancement in the Auto-Complete Program.
Think of the time when you reply to an email from your Gmail account. And you type the word ‘Hi’.
Gmail automatically suggests the first name of the person you are replying to.
Or when you search for something on Google. And you type a word… Google search bar automatically suggests the next set of words based on your history and a lot of other factors.
This phenomenon where the AI suggests the next set of words is typically what an Auto-Complete Program is all about.
So you see, all the HYPE around GPT-3 and how it will replace content writers is ABSURD.
To begin with, GPT-3 is more of an Auto-Complete program build to predict what you would type next.
It’s not primarily designed to write content or articles on its own.
Anyone suggesting that doesn’t really understand GPT-3.
In fact, The Verve even wrote an article about this suggesting that the GPT-3 is flawed.
GTP-3 AI - Will it replace content writers?
Plus, writing is an art… A good writer can create content that moves or appeals to different human emotions.
While AI will keep getting better and better with the logical rationale of the human mind.
It will take a very long time for the AI to Understand human emotional patterns… Which comes naturally to a good content writer.
So yeah, now that you know there is no AI program even remotely close to replacing Content Writers.
Let me answer the next and the most important logical question.

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The Future of Content Writing – Is Content Writing Still A Good Career Option?

Of course, it is!
In fact, in the post-COVID-19 world, the demand the good content writers went off the roof.
Today, no company can survive without an online presence.
A large majority of the offline marketing budget is now allocated for online marketing.
And when it comes to online marketing – everything is based on CONTENT.
Companies need a good content writer for:
  • Creating Social Media Posts
  • Write Articles and Blog posts
  • Create Email Campaigns
  • Write content for info-graphics
  • Create click-generating YouTube video titles
  • Write punchy text on banners
  • Video scripts
  • Product guide
  • Case-studies
  • Information Reports
  • E-Books
  • And on and on

So you see, the demand for good content writers is at an all-time high.

The salaries are great. The future of content writing jobs is nothing but outstanding.

And the demand will continue to rise as the world becomes more and more digital.

So to answer the primary question – The future of content writing jobs is nothing but secure and great. You could build a successful career as a content writer with great scope and opportunities without really having to worry about AI taking over your job or clients.

Alright, so now that you know there is no AI taking your job away. Let me share with you how you could go on to build a successful career.

What to FOCUS on to build a successful career as a Content Writer?

While there is no AI taking your job away. But, there is just one thing you need to be careful about while building your career.

It’s choosing not to be Average or Mediocre.

Before I continue, you should listen to this episode of ‘The Marketing Nerdz Podcast’ that I recorded for you.

In this episode, I go deeper into the topic of building a successful career as a Content Writer. Listen below.

I hope that you listened to the podcast. Like I said in the podcast, the Biggest MISTAKE most people make when it comes to their career is – choosing to be average.
It’s people with average skills that get replaced first when technology changes, there is a new innovation, the economy is down, or the company they are working for is not making PROFITS.
So if you aren’t skilled, if you don’t choose to become good at what you do…you do not have a secure future in any space, in any industry.
You are always at the RISK of losing your job.
But when you choose to become good at what you do… No matter what industry or profession you choose to build your career in, you would NEVER be Replaced.
In fact, companies will line up to hire you because you are good at what you do.

So if you want to build a Successful Career in Content Writing or any field… FOCUS on building your skills. As the title of the book – Be So Good that they can’t IGNORE You.

And TRUST me, there is nothing that you will ever have to FEAR or worry about as far as your career is concerned.
The future of content writing
So to conclude:
Here’s what you need to do.
Forget these discussions because they’re not productive. It’s like news media.
The more you listen to it, the more fearful you become.
Just forget these discussions and spend the majority of your time focused on building your skills, developing the skills, becoming a better content writer, becoming a better digital marketer, becoming a better salesperson, becoming a better entrepreneur.
In a nutshell, becoming better at what you do. And when you do that, you would never, ever be fearful of anybody replacing you.
And most importantly, you would be prepared for the next transition that happens in your space, in your industry.
A skilled individual is always prepared for the transition and moves ahead with the change and the transition that happens in the industry.

The mediocre ones get replaced and get left behind.

So the choice is yours.

How your future turns out to be is something that you need to decide based on what you choose to do today.

And if you are planning to build your career as a content writer, you should read this article I wrote for you on – how to become a good copywriter

I hope the podcast and the article, in particular, was of help to you.

Keep learning.

To help you become successful,

Karan Dharamsi


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