04 May How to Start Your DropShipping E-Commerce Business – Part 2

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, “Karan Dharamsi”, CEO of The Marketing Nerdz reveals the second most important criteria to look into while starting your own Drop Shipping eCommerce Business Model.

In yesterday’s episode, he spoke about very first criteria of selecting the right product for your drop shipping eCommerce business and how it is equally important to get into a highly competitive market when you start your business.

In this episode of the 3 series podcast, Karan will be revealing and discussing in detail about the second criteria.


How to find the Right Supplier for your Drop Shipping eCommerce Business?

Yes, Karan answers in detail about how to go about selecting the right supplier for your product. Again, one needs to keep in mind several things while selecting their suppliers. This is to ensure hassle-free business and backend procedures for your brand.

To begin with, there are a lot of sites to find your ideal supplier. Few of the most common places to find your right supplier are:


He goes on to explaining with personal experience how has been the right place to find his ideal supplier. 9 out of 10 times, you too will find your ideal supplier on one of these platforms.

And, if you are unable to find the right supplier on these platforms, it’s time to give your product niche a deeper thought! It simply means that there aren’t a lot of suppliers who are selling the product you have selected for your drop shipping eCommerce business.

As discussed in the earlier podcast, make sure to start with a simple product, and once things fall into place, go more niched and detailed.

Once you find your Ideal Supplier, here’s what you need to do next:

Check the Shipping and Delivery details with the supplier you have selected for your Drop Shipping eCommerce Business

The next thing to consider while selecting the ideal supplier for your Drop Shipping eCommerce Business is to send a message to the selected suppliers asking for further details like delivery time, product details etc.

Before anything else, the most crucial question to ask is if they do drop shipping! Once that is confirmed, you need to make sure all your other requirements are met too.

Delivery time is one of the most important thing to check while selecting you supplier. Some of the suppliers have a delivery time of 45-60 days and God forbid, if your customers receive damaged, broken or incorrect product, they have to wait for another 60 days or most likely, they would have a negative association with your brand. And you would always want your brand to be perceived positively. Hence, always check and plan the delivery of your products accordingly.

The next thing to check is the Shipping Amount charged by the supplier you have selected for your Drop Shipping eCommerce Business:

Some of the sellers offer faster and speedy delivery by charging and additional 1 or 2 dollars on the order. Hence, if you want your products to be delivered soon, you could check out the different shipping methods and amounts for you selected product and supplier.

And lastly, always check the Refund Policy of the selected seller for your Drop Shipping eCommerce Business:

A lot of times, your customers will ask you for the refund policies before making the purchase. Hence, always have the refund policy cleared out with your supplier at the very beginning.

To make it a hassle-free and smoother process, check out where your supplier is based from. This is important to make sure there are no communication distortion in terms of language barriers or restriction in understanding each others needs and requirements.

If it happens in the beginning, it will happen when you sell too and that is the last thing you want to get into, back and forth communication problems due to language barriers.

Once you follow each of these steps meticulously, you are just one step away from setting you your Drop Shipping eCommerce Business. More than half of the work is done when you select your product niche and the ideal supplier for your business.

The only thing that remains to to now understand how to put all the data collected into action, How to build your store and how to promote your product.

What platforms to use while building the store, how to market your product using Facebook and much more coming up in the next and the final part of this 3 series podcast episode by Karan Dharamsi, CEO of the Marketing Nerdz.

Are you too wondering where to start from? Do you already have a store but wondering how to promote and market it to get more customers and purchases? Well, get in touch with us and we would be glad to help you with your queries or questions! Also, check out our Facebook course on how to use Facebook to grow and promote your business.


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03 May How to Start Your DropShipping E-Commerce Business – Part 1

In this episode of “The Marketing Nerdz Podcast”, “Karan Dharamsi” CEO of The Marketing Nerdz walks you through the First step of Starting an eCommerce Drop Shipping Business right from the scratch!

If you too have been thinking about starting your own eCommerce business, and getting into the eCommerce space, Drop Shipping is the best business model to start with.

It is a complete “no brainer” and has very minimal investment involved which makes it one of the most easiest and convenient Business models.

In today’s episode of the 3 part series, Karan Dharamsi speaks about the “3 Phases” to start your own Drop Shipping Business!

For every Drop Shipping business, there are 3 phases which are very, very important to look into, namely:

  • Selecting the Right Product
  • Finding the Right Supplier
  • Marketing the Product and setting the backend processes

So ready to learn more about the very first and crucial phase for setting up your own eCommerce Business?

Great! So in this episode, Karan Dharamsi is going to share the 3 most important criteria’s to look for while selecting the right product for your business.

To begin with, he speaks about his phenomenal experience with his eCommerce business in USA, Germany, Japan and UK, and mentions how these four markets have always proved to be great for Business.

And moving forward, he answers the question of “how to find the right product?”

Find the Niche for your drop shipping eCommerce business

Picking a niche for your business is the very first step in setting up the eCommerce platform.

Ideally, this niche should be something that you are really passionate about, something that you are an expert in. This will help you to understand the language of your market place, their needs and demands!


Once you are clear about the niche that you want to cater to, here is the next criteria to look into.

The next thing to do is to visit amazon,com or .in depending on what market are you targeting and check out what’s already selling well in your niche!

Yes! Researching and analysing things that are working or not working in your niche is essential to make sure you are working in the right direction.

The main thing to do at this point is to identify the best selling products in your niche and category. Once done with that, you can go to to get a detailed report of the number of units being sold each day!

This detailed report will help you understand the kind of numbers you can expect plus the kind of demand for your product in the market.

There are multiple ways and tools that can be used to do the same:

  • shopify inspector

All of these are amazing tools and you can use them to find out the right product for your eCommerce Business.

Following this process, once you select the niche for your product and have a list of minimum 25 products shortlisted, here is the second criteria:

The Product for your drop shipping eCommerce business has to be Under $1

Make sure the product that you select is priced under $1. This will help you increase the number of sales which is initially the goal for your business.

The Product has to be small in size

Make sure that the product that you select is small in size which will help you lower the shipping charges.

Also, always pick a product that you know consumers will use month after month. This ensures repeat purchase and hence your customers will come back ti you contributing to your business.

So these are the criteria’s to look into while selecting the right product and niche for your eCommerce Drop Shipping Business.

Follow the steps to get your first phase clear to set up your Business model and make sure to use all the amazing tools and websites to find the best product for you.

And here’s one thing to always remember:

While stepping into the market, always step into a market place which is highly competitive!

YES! You heard it right!

If a market place is actually very competitive, it means that there are hungry customers to buy that product and hence, it will be easier to sell you product in that space where the demand already exists!

With a low competitive market place, you will have to create that kind of a demand and it is very difficult unless you have a strong marketing message or an exceptional product.

Hence, getting into a highly competitive market place is very, very, very important!

And of course, once you find the right product, the next thing to do is to find the right suppliers and your marketing bit which will be discussed in detail in the next podcast.


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02 May Monday Motivation For Entrepreneurs

In this Podcast of The Marketing Nerdz, CEO Karan Dharamsi speaks about his Entrepreneurial journey and addresses a lot of other facts that majority of entrepreneurs fear to speak about or share.

He shares how there are times when you might feel things are stuck and nothing is moving ahead, especially if you are an Entrepreneur.


And to give you a better insight, he shares a real life example of his own personal story and recollects some memories about his former days when he wanted to start his own Business.

Through his journey, he speaks about the challenges faced but makes sure to let us know that there is always a way out…

His motivating words will make it easier for you to continue the march towards achieving your goals and learn from experiences rather than giving up on your dreams!



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01 May Digital Marketing Salary in India

In this episode of The Marketing Nerdz Podcast, Karan Dharamsi, CEO of The Marketing Nerdz answers one of the most important and frequently asked questions.

So without further ado, here is the question that our CEO, Karan Dharamsi is going to answer for one and all in today’s Podcast:

“How much can I draw in salary as a Digital Marketer if I am just starting out in the Industry?”

Well, yes! A lot of students and professionals who want to start a career in this industry have this question on the top of their list.

Everyone expects and desires to get a job that pays them 1 lakh a month, but let’s get real!


Are you really expecting to get a package of 1 lac per month?


Everybody wants to know the REAL and HONEST answer to this question, wanting to know what potential the industry has to cater a complete fresher!

!!But here’s a fair WARNING before you move ahead!!

Some of you may not be happy with what Karan is going to share next…

Karan is going to reveal the Brutal and Honest truth that has been masked under various articles and posts that guarantee you a high paying job with a annual income of 7-8 lakh rupees.

He also shares an example of how people raise the expectation in their minds after reading our seeing ad copies that show BIG NUMBERS and offer BIG PROMISES.

But that is Bullshit!

Here is what the reality is, Karan’s answer the the question:

The Starters Salary for most Digital Marketers is anywhere in the bracket of 15000 to 30000 per month and that too if you have really good practical knowledge of the subject, great communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills!

YES! the beans have been spilled and those are the actual numbers that can be expected. It’s really different from what you have been reading or seeing in a lot of ad copies, but Karan backs it up with a very valid example where he says:

“You will be starting out as a fresher with some good 3 to 6 months of training in the field of Digital Marketing, but that is not enough!”

So here are a few factors out of the many, that determine your salary as a fresher:

  • Practical knowledge location.
  • Interest in the subject
  • Interview proces
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills


To explain it better, here’s a little personal experience shared by Karan:

Karan did his Engineering for 4 years, 4 LONG and INTENSE years spent in getting the Engineering Degree.

And later, when he got placed with some really good IT companies, as a fresher the pay package was only 18000 per month.A lot of his friends got placed with a starters pack of just 1.94 to 3 lakhs per annum. All this for having studied Engineer for 4 long and intense years!

This emphasis on the duration and intensity of the course is used by Karan to give a clear comparative picture of how a 4 years Engineering Degree and a 3 or 6 Months Digital Marketing Course has almost the same starters pack, which is a Great news for all Digital Marketers!

And more than that, it is a reality check that expecting a pay package of 7 lakhs with just a few months or years of knowledge is INSANE!

Karan stresses a lot on the importance of Practical knowledge and learning which plays a major role in getting the right, high paying job!

Because that is what a company looks at while hiring candidates:

What is the Potential ROI of the work that is put in? And the reality for a fresher is that the company does not expect any kind of ROI during your training and initial stage. That’s the time they keep you on a low salary package and provide you with all the necessary training and practical learning process.

So as a fresher, that’s the honest truth, the salary ranges form 15000 to 30000.

You can definitely expect a gradual growth, with your expertise on the subject and persistence.

So to conclude, here’s the comparative study once again for you:

As a Digital Marketer, you will be potentially starting off at the same point as a Engineering Graduate or an MBA graduate in the industry. And to be honest, if a Digital Marketer starts at an equivalent package to that of an Engineer in just 3 months, it is really, really AWESOME!

Once you hit the right cords, there is no stopping! 

And to know more about growing and gradually expanding you career as a Digital Marketing Professional, stay tuned as Karan Dharamsi, will be sharing the details about the same on our upcoming podcasts!



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