20 Apr Three Tips To Write Magical Headlines To Get Instant Clicks!

On today’s podcast, Sandhya Valecha, the CoFounder of The Marketing Nerdz will share with you 3 Tips to Write Magical Headlines that Get Instant Clicks!

Before that she shares with you two of the strongest ways to approach headlines.

1) The 1st strongest way to approach headlines is to promise a benefit. Benefit helps you connect your prospective buyer’s emotional desires with your product or service. And by reading your promising benefit-oriented headline, your prospect will get fascinated towards reading your article, blog post, sales letter or whatever copy you’re intending to draw them to.

2) The 1st strongest way to approach headlines is to arouse curiosity. Curiosity gets clicks. But Sandhya tells you why you should not go for click bait headlines if you want your prospects to be with you for the long term.


Soon after setting the stage with the strongest ways to approach headlines, Sandhya dives right into the 1st of the 3 Tips to Write Magical Headlines that Get Instant Clicks.

1st Tip: Deadline/Urgency:
Does your headline make the reader feel it’s critical to read your article/ blog/ news story right now?
Here’s an example:
Savings! 75% Off The Marketing Nerdz’s Branded T-Shirts. Expires In A Few Hours. Hurry!


2nd Tip: Preciseness
Offering precise, clear, unambiguous info in the headline helps attract the reader & lead them into clicking & reading your offer.
For example:
Join the 921 People Who’ve Already Won The Marketing Nerdz’s FREE Gift Cards for Amazon

3rd Tip: Exclusivity
In your headline are you offering unique/ exclusive info? Or are you at least showcasing it as exclusive or unique?
For Example:
Brand-New Company Is First to Offer Exclusive, 1st of its kind Digital Marketing Show with TV Superstars


So to conclude, the 3 Tips to Write Magical Headlines that Get Instant Clicks are

1) Deadline/Urgency
2) Preciseness
3) Exclusivity

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19 Apr #1 secret of a high converting website

In this Episode of The Marketing Nerdz Podcast, Karan Dharamsi Is going to reveal the #1 secret of a high converting website. He will give you examples of his own websites.

“No-one cares for you! So the content should talk about what is in it for them” says Karan Dharamsi.


P.S: it is purely for a service providing company!



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18 Apr I Need To Ask My Parents

In this Podcast, Karan Dharamsi along with Sandhya Valecha are sharing their views on why you should not start a business if ” you have to ask your parents” before starting it.

Karan has also shared that why and how parents are at fault for many failures happening!


P.S: Success needs to be re-defined


Time Stamped Show Notes

(click the time stamp to jump directly to that point in the episode.)

  [skipto time=00:35][00:35][/skipto] – Introduction of the speaker

  [skipto time=01:15][01:15][/skipto] – Wait! i need to ask my parents

  [skipto time=01:51][01:51][/skipto] – Karan 100% feels you shouldn’t start the company

  [skipto time=02:42][02:42][/skipto] – You need to be a warrior

  [skipto time=03:40][03:40][/skipto] – No one else will believe you as much as you do

  [skipto time=04:33][04:33][/skipto] – Dear parents, please stop doing this

  [skipto time=05:22][03:39][/skipto] – You havent failed!

  [skipto time=06:08][06:08][/skipto] – Success needs to be redifined.

  [skipto time=07:05][07:05][/skipto] – “kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna

  [skipto time=08:30][08:30][/skipto] – It’s a two-way thing.

  [skipto time=08:52][08:52][/skipto] – Time for little re-cap

  [skipto time=09:19][09:19][/skipto] – More entrepreneur- Happy planet


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17 Apr Hang In There – Don’t Act Desperate

In This Podcast, The Marketing Nerdz’s CEO, Karan Dharamsi is sharing one of the most personal moments.

He calls out to all the entrepreneurs and business owners to stay stable even during the most difficult moments… as he quotes “Don’t Be Desperate!”


P.S: There was a moment Karan’s bank balance went close to zero!


Time Stamped Show Notes

(click the time stamp to jump directly to that point in the episode.)

  [skipto time=00:25][00:25][/skipto] – Introduction of the speaker

  [skipto time=00:31][00:31][/skipto] – Introduction To The Topic

  [skipto time=01:01][01:01][/skipto] – everybody is doing it!

  [skipto time=01:20][01:20][/skipto] – What is your fear making you do?

  [skipto time=01:52][01:52][/skipto] – It is a lane you, once you enter, you are never coming back out of it!

  [skipto time=03:00][03:00][/skipto] – A story in past; A lesson in present!

  [skipto time=03:39][03:39][/skipto] – Don’t make a plan B! We repeat, DONT!

  [skipto time=04:00][04:00][/skipto] – Karan had to see this Zero before becoming the Digital Marketing Hero!

  [skipto time=06:01][06:01][/skipto] – A lesson from life.

  [skipto time=06:48][06:48][/skipto] – Do not compromise!


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